New H1Z1 Screenshots And Developer Spotlight Trailer Released By SOE - "While many fans would likely have preferred to see some new H1Z1 gameplay footage, given that July 10 was the last time a build of the game was shown to the public, it seems new H1Z1 screenshots and a developer spotlight video were all that was in the cards this week."

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XiSasukeUchiha1603d ago

This game will be gorey fun:)

Abash1603d ago

I want it on PS4 asap

WeAreLegion1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

If you want gameplay footage, they'll be doing two streams of it today.

This one starts at 3 PM PDT (Three hours from now):

This one starts at 5:30 PM PDT:

Vystrel1603d ago

I think visually, both graphics and animations, it looks superior to DayZ and I like that it will be more PvE than PvP.

It's just the micro transactions that worry me, will you be able to just buy food and weapons on demand? I really hope its a great game because I already have many friends that don't have a PS4, and will never get a gaming PC, but free to play games like H1Z1, War Thunder, and Planetside 2 are winning them over since you technically get all the free to play games with your PS4.

Rock-Lee1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

The developers have made it very clear regarding micro transaction. You can NOT buy anuything that is needed for survival (health, food, water, aid etc). You can buy ammo for instance, however this will be a package drop. So when you buy ammo it will be dropped with a helicopter at a random place. So anyone that spots the helicopter and hears the beeps can go and get it.

I think this is a fun use of micro transactions that is pretty balanced.

Vystrel1603d ago

That so far sounds like a great use of them

skoorydook1603d ago

So if I'm understanding correctly I could literally be virtual mugged lol, or do you mean the ammo gets shared by others

Rock-Lee1602d ago

If you buy ammo using micro-transactions, it will be dropped in a random place (within a certain radius of your locarion). If there are people nearby, they will hear and see the drop so they can take it as well. They can also decide to wait there for you to show up and kill and rob you all together. But that's something you can do as well ofcourse :)

My point is: in this case, micro-transacrions will not have a pay2win effect. It can even make it difficult for you if your timing is wrong.

Rob_Ko1603d ago

meh, screw this game, give me Planetside 2 or even better - Kingdom Under Fire 2 over this Day Z rip off

iNFAMOUZ11603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

its not a ripoff, its combining building rust aspects and day z, and 7 days to die all in a mmo type setting with more realistic everything due to the great engine behind the game. 1000 people in a single world server at a time, all fighting each other in camps or fighting the zombies, cause there will be loads of them and different types. Day and night cycle, rain, snow, etc. Great frames per second.
This might just be the "zombie" survival horror game of the decade, and the one we've all been waiting for, I was disappointed at the fact that day z was mostly pvp, i really thought i would be killing zombies every now and then, not every other 10 miles lol. Dont get me wrong i like few zombies in few spots, but not one damn zombie per town LMAO.

Quofo1602d ago

Can't wait to try this out. Hope it comes out very soon. I need something to keep me busy on PS4 until the other games come out.