Nintendo of France ex-Marketing Director Reveals His Thoughts on Wii U's Soft Launch

"In a recent French interview, the ex-Marketing Director of Nintendo of France Mathieu Minel revealed why he thought the Wii U launch was not as successful as some people hoped it would be. In short, Minel believes that the Wii U was missing that one revolutionary game that other Nintendo consoles have launched with in the past" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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randomass1711551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

At the end of the day, he's right. Wii U should have launched with MK8 and a solid game that will take supposedly advantage of the gamepad like Splatoon or Star Fox. It probably would be a lot better off now if so. But this is the bed Nintendo made and now they have to make the best of it, which I think they are. There are plenty of games to play on the thing with more coming out by year's end and some cooler stuff next year. It started out bad but IMO it's gotten a lot better.

MegaRay1551d ago

WiiU problem is 3rd party support. Nobody would go buy a WiiU without owning a PS4 or Xbone IMO

wonderfulmonkeyman1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Nintendo can't do anything about the wii u's third party support at this point, as far as multiplats go.
Almost all of the multiplats so far have been old games which have had content cut or been delayed or overpriced.
Those kinds of ports can't help the wii u, but that seems to be all third parties are willing to do as far as multiplats are concerned.

Nintendo's only chance at getting good third party games right now is to get them to make exclusives from the ground up for the system.

Third party multiplats, as they are being done on the system now, will only hurt the wii u.

randomass1711551d ago

Nintendo does have some minor third party support, and that will help but ultimately I think it will play secondary console to the other two. That's what my Wii U will be basically.

PeteyMcPickle1551d ago

I did, and I regret nothing.

Locknuts1551d ago

PC is a better companion.

Baka-akaB1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

3rd party has been a huge issue since the n64 . So he's quite right , i was baffled by the console launching without the usual Killer title like Mario or Mario Kart . it was a first actually .

It was apparent they just werent ready

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lilbroRx1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

What are you talking about? It had a solid game to show off the gamepad. Two in fact. Nintendo Land and ZombiU

The reason there were so few first party titles was because Nintendo was trying to promote third party software, but the third party devs blew it while leaving Nintendo take all the blame.

randomass1711551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

Try to consider appeal though. Nintendo Land wasn't showcased very well at all at E3 and it didn't have the same wow factor as Wii sports for the Wii. I personally laughed at it when I saw it because it looked very silly and not really my cup of tea. ZombiU is a better example, but Metacritic wasn't kind to that game so people wound up avoiding it. And after that Nintendo didn't have many games that catered to the gamepad. They're much better now than they were before IMO.

edit And I do agree that the third parties are also partially to blame. There wasn't much incentive to get the Wii U ports because they weren't made to be better. Only games like Rayman Legends and Deus Ex were but by then the flare was gone.

Concertoine1551d ago

The reason there were so first party titles was because Nintendo's dev teams were all adjusting to HD development and a lot were contributing to the 3DS recovery. Nintendo didn't really "give" them a time to shine, they relied on them because they had to.

And both of those games did make good use of the gamepad, but nothing else since has (save maybe w101 and party games). Nintendo Land was also only fun if you had friends to play with locally, they should have had something like Star Fox or a similar game that could vindicate the gamepad and offer a compelling singleplayer experience.

randomass1711551d ago

Concertoine is right on the ball with that comment. Always consider appeal. I don't disagree that Nintendo's launch lineup was decent, but it clearly wasn't very appealing to the mass market. They should have had more exciting games at the ready. You may not like that, but it's true. Not everyone is blindly hateful of Nintendo but rather just don't care for their content and Wii U's launch kind of shows how their brand value isn't infallible.

-Foxtrot1551d ago

I think MK8 would of been pushing it. Maybe it should of launched with Super Mario 3D World then have Mario Kart in in March/April/May. Pikman 3 could of came out in September with Smash Bros ready for Christmas 2013 when the PS4/Xbox One came out. Not to mention throughout 2013 get Gamecube games on the store.

Least then going by that Zelda would of been ready for 2014 Summer.

I really think the timing was off. If they knew they had a year head start you would of had things in development much earlier because you wouldn't want to miss your head start chance.

I know the PS4/Xbox One havent got the best first party titles ready for launch but they didn't have to since they can easily rely on third party games.

They really thought it was just going to sell because of the Wii

3-4-51551d ago

Wii U is kind of like Vita now, your going to have to be in it "for the long haul" to really get the full value of the system.

There are great games, there will be even more great games for both, but it's definitely taking longer than most wanted.

* I still think 90% of developers are still Out of Touch with what Gamer's really want, and it leads to a lot of watered down copies.

* Nintendo is heading in the right direction and they should keep up the momentum with Captain Toad & Smash Brothers leading into 2015.

2015 is really THE YEAR, for this current gen, in terms of us seeing what these systems can really start to do.

Vegamyster1551d ago

"Wii U is kind of like Vita now"

Not really, he Wii-U will continue to receive first party support while Sony is pretty much giving up on supporting the Vita outside of Japan.

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Sincere01211551d ago

I wouldn't of bought a xbone or ps4 without owning a Wii U first.

fatneal1551d ago (Edited 1551d ago )

imo judging by things nintendo reps have said and by their moves in general since the wiiu launched nintendo did not plan for the wiiUs console life. they thought the wii name would be an easy cash in hence why the kept the wii name and why they didnt think it was necessary to market/advertise it properly and really show why the gamepad is relevant. in addition to that they arguably didnt release a killer app until may (mk8) but its bitterweet because mk8 didnt even make use of the gamepad lol.

the wiiU is the best console available right now but theres no denying the seemingly avoidable mistakes nintendo made in the beginning. i never doubted them for a second but for those who arent long time fans of nintendo they dropped the ball and are paying dearly. the wrongs have been and are being righted though and i expect a respecable 30 million consoles sold when its all said and big deal

Chrono1551d ago

Yep, no system seller. Merci beaucoup !