Metro Redux: Gameplay Overview

One Angry Gamer "One of the upcoming games for PC and home consoles is a redo of one of the most praised and atmospheric first-person shooters from the seventh generation of gaming, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Both games will be available as individual digital downloads and as a bundle package at retail for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting on August 26th."

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DevilishSix1553d ago

Seems like more than just a remaster here. New Last Light engine for the first game, reworked graphics, new AI, all DLC, 60 fps. Sounds nice going to pick it up.

WilliamUsher1553d ago

I do agree. For $49.99 that's a darn good deal for two remastered games for console or PC.

I know a lot of people complain about seventh gen games being remastered, but this is one of those few games that really deserved it, as it really needed better hardware to shine than what was available from the 360 or PS3.

MasterCornholio1552d ago

I never played the first and I never finished the second one on my PS3. But since I got the second one free with plus I won't mind paying for the collection.

jdiggitty1552d ago

Last Light with all DLC was $6 on Steam last month. It looks pretty damn good maxed out.

Tom871553d ago

Going to purchase this game :)

R1CAN6171552d ago

Haven't had the chance to play either one of these games so day 1 buy for me :)

showtimefolks1552d ago

i know this has been said time and time again but its truly sad that MS did a lazy job with xbox one, the system is having issues achieving 1080P/60FPS on a HD remake come on

if the system is weaker now just imagine in 4 years when stuff like GDDR5 will come into play more into the future

on topic:

Never played either game so its good to get this collection and enjoy all the game with improvements along with all the dlc

ABizzel11552d ago


Well to be fair, and frank Metro and Tomb Raider aren't HD remakes, they're the PC versions of the games running optimized for consoles, and one of the main reasons why the upgrade from those games look better than the upgrade between the PS3 and PS4 versions of The Last of Us.

It's a lot easier to take the PC code and modify it to run on consoles, then to go in a retool every single thing in the game to support higher textures resolutions, shadows, improved character models, etc...

This is another example of the XBO having inferior hardware to the PS4, and another reason why it should be cheaper than the PS4.

One thing I'd like to mention thought is that Metro on PC it's a demanding game in general, up there with Crysis. Even though the PS4 version is aiming for 1080p @ 60fps I guarantee you there are some drawback as well. The likely candidates are the game runs at an unlocked framerate (40 - 60fps), it's High settings and not Very High Quality, and they're likely using FXAA instead of a higher Anti Aliasing to hit those framerates. This isn't a knock to either console, but facts are at max settings this game makes even $300+ GPUs miss the full 60fps mark at 1080p.

Regardless it's a great looking game, and hopefully it paves the way for more from Deep Silver.

showtimefolks1552d ago

i agree with what you are saying but i am in general disappointed with xbox one, seriously each new generation we have one console maker who lets us down big time.

MS along with a lot of publishers thought xbox one would be a killer machine that would outsell/out do ps4 but we know how wrong that thinking was. If EA could go back in time and know how well ps4 was gonna do would they still make TF an exclusive?

and i agree xbox one should be cheaper and i think ms may not have an option but to make it cheaper if they want to stay competitive. $349 or even $299 sooner rather than later if sales continue this way for ps4

What's done is done but what's really sad is that we are stuck with this machine(xbox one and its limitations)for next 6 plus years

it shows that sony learned from ps3, they got so much feedback and made mark cerny(a developer himself)the lead on ps4. Even the controller was helped design by Bungie/GG

Gekko361552d ago


Seriously, did you really hijack this thread to talk about X1 specs?

This thread is about Metro, not X1.

Your thread was a big bit on X1 and opinion and then a throw away comment on the topic.

A little rubbish I have to say.

I've played both of these games and love'em, though I don't think I'm going to bother with the remakes unless the DLC is really something. Personally the only remake I'm interested in is MCC, only because it's been an age since I played Combat Evolved.

The quality of Metro is excellent but it's a little like reading a hardback after reading the paperback. Agreed it's the same thing as MCC, it's just you don't mind rereading the book it its excellent. Metro was good but didn't blow my skirt up (metaphorically speaking that is).

showtimefolks1552d ago

No but the point i was trying to make is how sad it is when HD collections from last gen can't run in 1080P/60FPS on a supposed next gen console

no hijacking man

no body is denying the quality of the games(metro redux), i just think its unfair to xbox one gamers that they pay the same price for console yet can't get games that run the same or look the same

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