Destiny Beta Early Impressions

"The game begins with some beautiful, inspiring cinematics. In “present day,” astronauts land on Mars and discover a large spherical entity that seems to be a version of the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey" |

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DeadRabbits1554d ago

When I saw the word 'BUNGIE' appear on my Screen from my PS4. It just seemed right, spread your little wings BUNGIE and reach your full potential with the power of the PS4. No longer are you caged and shackled!

Fly my beauty.....FLY!!!

Budobear1554d ago

Erm ok, I'm not sure quite what you are on about as the differences between the different console versions are very slight.
Moving on.

My impressions so far.... I like it, there doesn't seem to be enough loot but then this is based on Borderlands where there was tonnes of it. I like the bad guy design, the AI is ok, easy to flank if they can't see you, so no phsyic powers which is nice.
I was disappointed with the speeder bike....I feel it needs weapons on it.
Over all I like it there are one or two niggles but fingers crossed the main game will add more regions to explore.

Allsystemgamer1554d ago

You don't have any you?

sprinterboy1554d ago

enjoying the beta very much, my only annoyance so far is people dont bother plugging in there mics, would be so much better

Sitdown1554d ago

Interestingly enough, I barely touched the alpha....but I can't get enough of the beta. Only complaint I have is that I had horrible teammates and we couldn't beat the spider thing.... So after they all left, I left the world. When I returned, had to start the level back over. Is there another way?