Quest For Infamy Review [Capsule Computers]

Christopher Chu from Capsule Computers wrote:

Quest For Infamy is a comedic, turn-based RPG that provides players an entertaining twist to the RPG genre with its snarky comments, intriguing voice-acting, and overall entertaining content. Developed by Infamous Quests and published by Phoenix Online Publishing, the company who brought to life Moebius: Empire Rising. The game plays similarly to the old-school RPGs of the past, and if you enjoyed that type of gameplay, you will definitely enjoy Quest For Infamy. The point-and-click RPG embraces the darker, badder side of morality, and the game pushes you to slowly seek out your cunning, wily nature and create mayhem and havoc. Gaining infamy is the name of the game, and making stupid jokes and snide remarks will lead you down the road to success in Quest For Infamy.

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