PS4's August line up

Summer game drought?PS4 doesn't have games?Well PS4 owners prepare your wallets in August because games like Diablo 3,Minecraft,Madden NFL 15,Infamous:First Light are coming.Of course if your budget is tight titles like The Swapper,Plants vs Zombies:Gardem Warfare,Hohokum and Minecraft will be there waiting for your money.Needless to say August PS4 line is impressive take a look at all the titles with the releases dates.

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RichardDawkins1554d ago

Infamous First Light and Metro Redux for me.

Magicite1554d ago

Until Destiny arrives, this will be sufficient to build up the momentum.
And then in the fall, lots of big hitters will start coming.
I think PS4 should easily close this year with 15m units(total)sold or more.

guitarded771554d ago

Destiny is gonna be so sick. Played the Alpha, now the Beta. It has the potential to be one of the best shooters ever.

August looks good for me. More inFAMOUS, Plants Vs Zombies (been waiting), Diablo III (been waiting) and Hohokum may be interesting.

wonderfulmonkeyman1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I do want Destiny, but I'm waiting for a pc version, or for Sony to announce that they're not charging for online multiplayer anymore.
If Sony does that,I might get a ps4 earlier than I'm currently planning to.

telekineticmantis1554d ago

Uuuuuummmm Jet Car Stunts! Why didnt anyone tell me about this game?! This has the ultimate track design ive always wanted out of Mod Nation Racers, but not as much quality , its just a pity its not a racer, my friends and i would have a ball with this. Either way, im still investing my money in this, and recommending it to my friends, Mario Kart is fun, but a bit tired at this point. ican bet anything it(JCST) will be fun!

MysticStrummer1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

This one YouTuber keeps implying that he has inside info about the Planetside 2 beta starting in August. If I see any confirmation of that I'll be buying a PS4 for that beta. Otherwise I'll wait for Destiny. I'll probably pick up Metro Redux later though. I'm torn on Diablo 3 since I've played it so much on PS3. It is a great game though.

G20WLY1554d ago

Think of it this way; Diablo 3 is PERFECT Vita remote-play-before bed gaming!

MysticStrummer1554d ago

True, but I'd be more likely to get a PSTV and play on a TV in the bedroom.

3-4-51553d ago

Solid list of games really.

showtimefolks1553d ago

My games that i will be buying for rest of 2014:

infamous first light
metro redux
drive club
dragon age
Middle earth
farcry 4

and people are saying ps4/xbox one has no games, these have been the best consoles software wise within first year of new consoles

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GribbleGrunger1554d ago

That's one hell of a line up. I can see the PS4 selling VERY well in August.

MightyNoX1554d ago

No kidding - PvZ, Diablo 3 and the juggernaut Minecraft?

Hohokum (aka Larry Hrybs nemesis) deserves a mention as well.

GribbleGrunger1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Swapper (no boost)
Road Not Taken (no boost)
HoHokum (tiny boost)
Diablo (decent boost)
Plant V Zombies (decent boost)
Infamous: Second Light (decent boost)
Madden (decent boost)
Metro Redux (decent boost)
Minecraft (big boost)
Jet Car Stunts (no boost)

Perhaps around 350k NPD.

uth111554d ago

Minecraft is already on just about every other platform by now, do you really think it will give the PS4 a big boost?

MightyNoX1554d ago

@uth: Couldn't the same be said about Watchdogs? It was released on every system and how'd that work out? (Hint: watchdogs gave ps4 a big boost and the number of copies outsold the 360 which outsold the Bone.)

@Gribs: A bit too high a number. I'd reckon somewhere around 280k~300k.

400k should be left for when the white PS4 Destiny drops. That SKU will wipe the floor with the competition.

GribbleGrunger1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

@uth11: It depends on how it's advertised.

@MightyNox: I think August is a 5 week month (in terms of NPD).

If not then I'll go for around 300k. TLOUR should take some momentum into August too.

uth111554d ago

Watchdogs was released on every platform the same day.

Minecraft has been out on almost everything else but PS4. I mean I'm sure the game will sell well on PS4, I'm just not sure it will move a lot of systems on its own. And it's not particularly graphically impressive, so I don't think people will upgrade for better graphics.

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a08andan1554d ago

I am tempted by PvZ and Metro Redux, but I'm buying TLOU so I'm gonna wait for reviews for those! I will probably end up buying Minecraft and then play it like once lulz :)

CaptainObvious8781554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

It will be nice when this nonsense about the PS4 having no games deceases.

Can't wait for diablo.

Muzikguy1554d ago

I doubt it will ever go away. People have to complain about something

calis1554d ago

it will go. The PS3 went through the same phase early on as well.

zsquaresoff1554d ago

It's not the people who complain, it's the X~Bots who complain.

Gotta justify that xbone purchase somehow. Especially the 500$ one.

marlinfan101554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

by the end of this year/early next year i don't think anyones gonna be talking about lack of games for either console. theres gonna be too much out to even worry about it lol


your comments are just as bad, if not worse than most "xbot" comments so i don't think youve got much room to talk.

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Spotie1554d ago

It never will. It has more games than the XB1 even now, but fans of that console just can't seem to help themselves.

My system will start with a backlog when I pick up the Destiny bundle.

CaptainObvious8781554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I find it very amusing when people claim this site is run by sony fanboys.

When I look at the facts...

And I look at my ration of disagrees to agrees for my previous I can only conclude there's plenty of both fans.

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XiSasukeUchiha1554d ago

Yep this lineup I see a bright future with PS4:)

skydragoonity1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Awesome list. My ps4 is ready. Looking forward to 1st light

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