Could Destiny Make You A Multiplayer Gamer?

OnlySP: If you hadn’t noticed yet we like to focus on single player experiences, but of course that doesn’t mean we don’t cover games with multiplayer.

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admiralvic1551d ago

Going off my experiences with Destiny, no.

Like, the more I do the strike mission in the beta, the more I am reminded how much I dislike playing with others. One game I had two people trying to snipe the tank from across the map and refused to get any closer unless they needed ammo and were constantly dying. Another game I had someone taking all the special and heavy ammo, so I kept dying to things that were quite avoidable if I had say shotgun shells, a few sniper bullets of even 1 rocket.

Thats not to say every experience I had was bad, but it's not like Destiny reinvented the wheel and suddenly removed inconsiderate* people from the equation. In so many ways I would much prefer missions either scaled to the number of people present like in Borderlands or I suppose the game gave me a worthless AI to take some of the tank heat of me than playing with randoms.

* I want to say stupid, but I am going to give people the benefit of doubt and simply assume they don't realize the impact their actions have on others.

medman1550d ago

I'm with you admiral...I will dabble in multiplayer occasionally, and I'm sure I will try all the modes in Destiny...but it always comes back to the single player experience being my favorite and the one that is most important. A critical factor for me is exploration. I like to explore every aspect of the environment in my own time. Multiplayer is just a rush to get vehicles, weapons, special ammo, etc. etc. before the other guy/gal. I'm just not into it. And that's before factoring in things like lag, cheaters, glitchers, a$$holes, etc. etc. that take away from the experience.

mrpsychoticstalker1551d ago

Halo did for Xbox fans, the story will repeat for Sony fans.

SideNote1550d ago

Not really, ive only enjoyed titanfall and halo for my online experience. Hopefully games like Fable legends may change that.

LilRhone1871550d ago

I'll take a ps3 code from any of you who don't want to play lol.

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