Destiny Beta Quick Play

Dan & Eric show off the Destiny beta as a Warlock.

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unbad1552d ago

Does anyone have an extra ps4 beta code?

Palitera1552d ago

I do. Still need it?

Now I have one for PS3 too, in case anyone needs it.

rogimusprime1552d ago

I have one too, PM me if you need one.

1552d ago
arkard1552d ago

E827-QMNC-D8G9 for ps4,good luck.

BenRage31552d ago

Anyone have a ps3 beta code? PM me.

Palitera1552d ago

In case you still need it, I have one.

BenRage31552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

yes please, pm me :)

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