Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City: What We Know So Far

Skyrim Fansite writes: "New information regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City PvP zone was revealed at QuakeCon 2014.

Earlier this evening at QuakeCon 2014, Brian Wheeler (Lead PvP Designer for The Elder Scrolls Online) gave an overview of the game’s upcoming Imperial City PvP zone. The zone will feature:

Unique bosses and mini bosses
Impressive loot and rewards
Different districts to do battle in
Craftable Imperial Daedric gear"

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KrisButtar1557d ago

"Craftable Imperial Daedric gear"

Umm is that a special version or any different then having the Imperial Motif and crafting Daedric gear? If not I'm not sure why that would be a bullet point when its already in game.

The Imperial City PvP sounds pretty sweet.

ShadowedMare1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Brian said that Imperial Daedric gear can be crafted at tradeskill stations in the Market District (one of the features of the Zone).

funkybudda1556d ago

They need to stop nerfing DKs and Sorcs to please the templars and NBs. They suck at class balancing. Oh, the Veteran Rank experience still suck, why do players need to be "forced" to play other factions? It takes the immersion and faction loyalty out of the game.

BX811556d ago

Wish we had some solid details about the console version