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After years of no word on the next DOOM, id Software has finally shown off that bloody get of theirs. DOOM, along with id Software, paved the way for the first person shooter genre and have always excelled at delivering an awesome shooter experience. Their newest project is without exception. Id Software decided to unveil DOOM to their most loyal fans, the QuakeCon attendees, exclusively. Fortunately, Gamer's News Network is here to give you detailed information about what was unveiled. Read on for full descriptions on gameplay and the brutal combat.

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ape0071553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

LOVED every single DooM game, from the PC originals to the massively underrated gem DOOM 64 to DooM 3 and its expansion resurrection of evil(as well as Quake 1 and Quake 2) to even final doom on ps one and the GBA versions

im ready for some Vintage old school Id softwere nextgen action

GmrsNewsNetwork1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Oh for sure! That's why I loved Wolfenstein: The New Order so much (yes not by id, but still their game). I want those kind of fun shooters once again and none of these rehashed Cod or Battlefield games.

Agent_hitman1553d ago

One of the first person shooters that I've ever played in my entire gaming life.. This is a good news.

Soldierone1553d ago

Has anybody leaked the footage yet? Didn't think I'd be waiting this long to see it lol

GmrsNewsNetwork1553d ago

Unlikely it'll happen, they monitored us pretty heavily. If they do leak it, then it certainly wouldn't be good enough quality to do it justice. Don't worry, they'll release an official gameplay video at a later date. Until then, just picture ripping high Def demons to pieces with your bare hands.

Brettman20081552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

ID software have said that they likely won't show any gameplay until 2015 as they don't feel the game is ready for that.

AndrewLB1552d ago

John Carmack is going to have any portion of the game large enough to actually run, under constant watch. He really got burned back when the alpha of Doom 3 was leaked

btw... the sound of the door opening was the best part. Doom was the reason I bought my first PC. I still can't believe the game fit on three floppies. heh.

superherox71552d ago

Hey can you confirm if there was iron sights or xp? I hope not.

Xyle1552d ago

So how did the demons look? Did they resemble more the original imps and pinkie s?

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Revvin1552d ago

I'm really looking forward to the new Doom, I still remember picking up a shareware diskette for Doom in a games store years ago. Some of the comments that Eurogamer collected from various gaming sites has me worried though that Doom will be given poor scores from reviewers who don't understand what Doom is. Comments like "you can carry all the weapons all the time" and "there is no health re-gen" and also "the level design seems very linear" that's what Doom was about, particularly multiplayer.

You learnt the levels by weapon placement so you could deny your opponent the use of them, the levels were linear to force you into a confrontation instead of running around in circles avoiding each other and there was no re-gen because it made you run for a medkit rather than hide in a dark corner avoiding your opponent while your health restored. These were the game mechanics that made Doom such a bear pit to play multiplayer, a gladiatorial confrontation. It's not Call of Duty or Battlefield and I hope the game review sites out there remember this.

NarooN1552d ago

All very true. One thing that is sadly ironic is the same devs who will possibly berate DooM for having linear level design are the very people who give every Call of Duty game 9's and 10's every year. It's hypocrisy at its finest, really.

No health regen and being able to carry all weapons at once were FPS staples back in the 90's and early 00's. Glad to see these conventions returning in the new game.

GmrsNewsNetwork1552d ago

Well don't worry about me doing that ;) I've been a long time id fan and love their game style.

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