Microsoft Needs to Decide What Xbox Means to Them

Lately, Microsoft has undergone a radical change in image and company focus; this re-focus affects most of their divisions as they try to decide where their core lies. However, especially after they axed Xbox Entertainment Studios, they don’t seem to know where the Xbox brand fits in.

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stuna11552d ago

Microsoft already knows what Xbox1 means for them! Money. It's just making everyone else besides them believe it's not just about that! And before anyone jumps onboard claiming that all companies are about making money, ask yourselves should making money be a company's only driving passion!? What about promoting a situation that is both beneficial to the company as well as the consumer!

When you make product that stands on integrity and reliability, it will make money as well as garner support.

XiSasukeUchiha1552d ago

Thank you, for a opinion that respect and so many other I resoect as well , I just love N4G because people don't respect them and they get mad over it, N4G theres difference between respecting opinions and just agreeing with them as your own, N4G guys just need to learn how to respect an opinion but you don't agree with them and not start trouble for the rest. Phew finally my opinion on N4G right now, so people do you respect it but not agree, or you don't respect my opinion but agree to it.

JBSleek1552d ago

"ask yourselves should making money be a company's only driving passion!?"

Yes. And I say yes because your making the assumption that having a focus to only make money isn't beneficial to the consumer. Companies want your money so they will try to make the best product to get your money. That also doesn't mean you can't love what your doing at that job as well.

Now to the article. I agree. MS does need a focus on what Xbox is. Is it a gaming platform? Is it their entertainment brand? Who knows. The company just went through a big shakeup so I think soon enough we will understand what MS tends to do with MS.

MS needs to act swift and fast. But I do think 2015 will be a huge lift for Xbox when Windows 9 is released and their "Threshold" plans finally come to fruition.

I think Satya Nadella will talk more about that on the 22th when he addresses the shareholders.

stuna11552d ago

I respect your response, but also say in all too many instances and all too many companies that making money doesn't necessarily equate to quality of a product! I'm sure you yourself have been faced with this realization. If quality was dependent on how much money a company made, there would simple be to many products out the reach of regular working class people budgets.

Think of all the half finished games that were sold as finished products only to find out that they were barely functional after purchasing them! The end product had no baring on the money the company had accrued prior or during the release of said game to warrant a unfinished product that came with the promise of later update.

Another example would be car manufacturers; if national recalls weren't instituted, many would be still be paying for a vehicle at it's market price even with the issues present, but unless that issue presented itself to a degree that a significant amount of others started experiencing the same issue would it be called into question or even investigated, but it would hold no bearing on price or how much money the car manufacturer made.

Mikelarry1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

@ stuna1 & jbsleek

well said to you both.

OT: since just before e3 and after MS has shifted more focus on the gaming aspect of the console, you hardly hear any tv reference when they talk about the xbox one. but like JB mentioned MS needs to act fast make a plan and stick to it thick or thin.

JBSleek1552d ago

I respect what you are saying as well. Of course I agree with you that seeking money doesn't always make good products. Yet having passion and integrity from a company doesn't necessarily make a good product either.

There are many factors but a companies job especially one that is public first and really only duty is to make money. Shareholders don't care about how the consumer feels about a certain company.

My example is EA. Voted worse company in America and all this bad press and the shareholders are still loving EA because they are bringing in the money. They could care less what people think as long as their product is selling.

I'm not saying that you can't be passionate about your company and care what people think but as a whole they don't.

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scotmacb1552d ago

This story is shite MS and x1 are fine

aconnellan1552d ago

I love my Xbox, and I think it's fine too. But my point is MS needs to figure out if they want an all-in-one device or a gaming only machine, because they keep making contradictory decisions.

But hey, thanks for being nice about voicing your opinion and everything.

patrik231552d ago

they should sell it. they lost 3 billion in last 10 years on xbox brand

patrik231552d ago

Forbes: Xbox lost Microsoft $4 billion (and counting)

According to Cousins’ report on Kotaku, Microsoft has spent some $2.996bn on Xbox 360 since it launched in 2005,

4 billion loss
+ 3 billion loss

7 billion loss

SpinalRemains1381552d ago

They're learning through angry customers and backlash. Not exactly the preferred route, but they're learning nevertheless.

It may take another year, but One will find its identity and be fine.

funkybudda1552d ago

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

- Mark Twain

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