Destiny - Peter Dinklage Voice Comparison

P-Dinky's vocals in the Destiny Alpha got a lot of stick, so Bungie have had a tinker under the hood and altered them for the Beta. In this video we present the new and old, side by side, so you can decide which one you liked the best! R.I.P "That wizard came from the Moon" :'(

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randomass1711607d ago

Based on the comparison he didn't sound all that bad in either IMO. His voice kind of made me think of Ron Perlman's narrations for the Fallout series.

Sam Fisher1606d ago

Thats bad, anything ron pearlman is bad except soa

Mr Pumblechook1606d ago

I'm actually one of those who liked the voice in the Alpha - it sounded real and personable. Although a couple of lines sound overacted!

But the voice in the beta just sounds like it has been through a 1970s voice synthesiser. It's too gimmicky for such an expensive to make game. If there has to be a voice effect I'd like it a bit more real and subtle.

Cool video comparison though - thanks dude.

IndoAssassin1606d ago

Lol when will people realize that Alpha means not all the features have been implemented?

McScroggz1606d ago

The reason Alphas and Betas exist is for fan feedback.

McScroggz1606d ago

Better, but it still feels lacking. I know it's not a fair comparison at all, but after Borderlands and Claptrap you have to inject some sort of personality into your robot/AI characters. I admit I wish he would have read the lines as Tyrion Lannister. That would have been super entertaining.

Si-Fly1606d ago

Claptrap? Are you taking the piss?!!! One of THE most annoyingly voiced character in recent times lol

Chapter111606d ago

Doesn't sound any better if you ask me. Sounds like he's just phoning it in, waiting for his paycheck.

-Foxtrot1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

As I was saying on another article which I don't think got approved (We'll see) seems like the voice effect is just covering the problem up, not fixing it

Didn't they say he was coming in to redo lines? For the guys who created someone like Cortana this is pretty disappointing, with their tec in that universe why would an AI sound more robotic.

McScroggz1606d ago

I have no idea whether or not that rumor was true or if it's feasible, but I honestly hope he does. Dinklage is such a good actor, I want it to show in his performance.

gamegenieny1606d ago

This. It isn't different. Just sounds different cause they ran the VO through a sound changer ....

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The story is too old to be commented.