Quantum Break 'not impacted' by Xbox Entertainment Studios shutdown

Microsoft's plan to shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, the division established to create original programming for Xbox, hasn't impacted the development of Quantum Break, Remedy Games' live action TV show-video game hybrid, Microsoft tells Polygon.

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Ok then phew close one [pack it up boys]: Ahhhh

that's settle it.

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Not that I've ever had a problem before but I think I finally need to say this so...


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A lot of his comments don't make any sense.

ArtificiallyYours3655d ago

He just changes his personality according to what the mood of the article is.

It's creepy and goddamn annoying.

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Remedy fan much? I like the screenname. Alan Wake is a personal favorite of mine.

QuantumWake3654d ago


I've actually had this username since 2009. It was just pure coincidence that Remedy's next title was called "Quantum" Break. I was really surprised! lol

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It's bad enough you're obsessed with that crappy naruto. Your comments make zero sense.

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Lol Please leaves Naruto out of it , it's suffering as much as us to be dragged into his craze ...

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Next level trying to earn those bubbles back lol. This is expected news since the game will be out in less than a year most likely.

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Next Level posted this because of this statement.



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You don't earn bubbles by posting articles. Food for thought

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Who Is this guy fooling, he cares nothing for its competitors brand. So why is he posting "other"articles as if he was a true gamer? Obviously this guy cares what other people say about him, other wise he wouldn't have bothered with an "positive xbox article". Better off just being what he is then pretending to be something he's not..

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It was silly to even speculate the game would be effected...

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i cant wait till the day xbox is gone!

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Competition is good. Don't hope it dies. The best games come from competition.

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It's people like you who give sony fans the bad name they have. You need to worry if sony can afford to stay open to make another playstation.

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People like you should be banned from commenting...
Worst of all why do you have 5 bubbles?

Ive been with 2 bankrupt companies and its no fun having to worry about having a place to stay or if you'll be able to feed you're self that week, or worrying about a new job and supporting you're family...

so screw off kid cause unlike you people have better things to hear then stupid ignorant comments towards their company just because they have a seperate product