Lineage II: Humongous New Content Patch Incoming

NCSoft’s classic MMORPG hit Lineage 2 has a new content patch coming it’s way called Ertheia. This content update, or expansion, will feature two new classes, a new racial skill, two new new hunting zones, a dungeon and two entirely new stats added for all players.

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ATi_Elite1556d ago

Lineage 2 was released in North America in 2004!

10 years of support is AWESOME!

Congrats on TEN years! looking towards Lineage Eternal the sequel to Lineage 2.

Clown_Syndr0me1555d ago

Never got to play lineage but this is what I like about PC MMORPGs. So much support.
I doubt we will ever see a console MMORPG supported this long.

ktype21555d ago

i was still a wee lad going to school when the game was released. And it's still getting new content. A big one at that.