Destiny Beta Preview (Console Monster)

Console Monster's Sam Finch brings a write up on the beta for Bungie's upcoming FPS/RPG, Destiny.

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user14394141581d ago

Trying to download the Beta now the pre loaded app is not working, keeps giving me error message and the code from Bungie I cant redeem because PSN is undergoing maintenance. :(

JackOfAllBlades1581d ago

Mines downloading and installing now

NatureOfLogic_1581d ago

@Rowdius, Same. The install is 11GB. I'm at 50% complete so far. The music is amazing on the install screen. definitely hyped to play now.

MightyNoX1581d ago

Downloading right now. So hyped.

Dirtnapstor1581d ago

Was able to download on PS3 so far. It's awesome!!!

jackanderson19851581d ago

i've two codes to spare for PS4, feel free to give me a bell about em and i'll ship em on

Palitera1581d ago

I've got one spare code. US, PS4, if anyone else need one.

Palitera1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I love how this 3 codes stuff is bringing up a whole net of decency and help between the players. Usually it's a lot of negativity and fights to death, but all around the forums people are treating others decently over this. Lots of "guess my fav" movie/guitarist going around.

And i'm not talking about selfishness, because once people got the code, they could tell the giver to screw up, but that's sure not the case.

ReesesPuffs1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I'll take it. I can't get ahold of mine. Once I do get mine I can give you one of mine. Message it to me if you can. You'd be making my day :)

jackanderson19851581d ago

sorry man only seeing this now... if you go to the bungie site and log into ur profile they should all be there... if not drop me a PM and i'll send it on

ReesesPuffs1581d ago

I checked it again and got it. Really appreciate it man. Hopefully I'll see you on there :)

Ulf1581d ago

The game seems fun, but I can't see myself paying a fee to play it, or buying a lot of DLC/microtransactions.

Spending $500M on it seems like... a bad idea. If I had Activision stock, I'd totally sell it right now.

TRD4L1fe1581d ago

uhhh you don't pay a fee to play the game and 2 expansion passes come with the any of the limited editions. If I had activision stock I would keep it, this game is gonna sell big time. maybe you should play the game before trolling

jimmywolf1581d ago

poor attempt at trolling, or just misguided fool. CoD repeatedly, is am told nothing more then a cash grab, yet sells millions + $15 dlc.

they break the mold do something different for shooter fans an the game going fail, according to you...... i think it will do just, fine minus one or more trolls.

mikeysan881581d ago

Two Destiny beta keys for PS4 Enjoy feel free to add me PSN- Tmxelmo

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