Roll7 Explains Why OlliOlli Is Not Coming On Xbox One For Now, PS4 Version Running At 1080p/60fps

"OlliOlli, a skateboarding video game is scheduled for a release on all major platforms including PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. So was there a specific reason why Roll7, the developers behind the game are skipping the Xbox One version for now?"

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Magicite3115d ago

xbox should get used to the fact that this gen its not being prioritized by devs.

mikel10153115d ago

If it wasn't running 1080p 60fps I'd be scared. The game graphically is an Iphone game, not that anyone is complaining, it's actually charming

user74029313115d ago

lol! sucks for xbox one owners :p

DeadRabbits3115d ago

Would have sucked more if it only managed 900p 30fps on the xbone?

vega2753115d ago

Why?? I'm sure every x1 owner has a pc to play it on. So I highly doubt anyone would be upset.

sonicjam3115d ago

I know a X1 owner who doesn't game on pc.

Master-H3115d ago

The same PC they've played Titanfall on ? oh wait....

vega2753115d ago

Yup the same pc they been playing games that didnt come to ps3 and the same fanboys was crying "bu bu bu I have a pc". Funny how this gen no one has one

Genuine-User3115d ago

One of my favourite games of the year.

ShowanW3115d ago

On this day, no Xbox One owner lost sleep.

I'm not knocking the game and all. The game looks nothing short of fun.

But there are so many games in the pipeline, that OllieOllie not making it to the One, won't matter much.

Predaking773115d ago

The problem is this tendency of skipping the X1 because don't pretend this is the only game lately that is skipping the X1.

Many others has also decided to skip the X1. Is a tendency that cannot be ignored.

ShowanW3115d ago

Play Dead didn't skip the X1, Inside looks awesome...

Moon Studios didn't skip the X1, Ori looks amazing.

Super Time Force made it to the X1...

Indies are coming to the X1. And darn good ones at that.

I'm a PS4 and Xbox One owner...

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