Xbox One Sales Double In June, But Does PS4 Still Lead?

Microsoft was happy to announce Wednesday that sales of the Xbox One in the United States more than doubled from May to June. However, is that enough to outsell Sony’s Playstation 4?

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NextLevel3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Yes the PS4 will win NPD. This (2x sales announcement) was pre damage control for tomorrow. The Xbox One needed to drop kinect to have a month way worse than the PS4's worst month. People just don't want the Xbox One, they want the PS4. I don't blame them, it's pretty much better at everything and the Xbox One doesn't even know what it is. The way it's going by the time Halo 5 releases, it'll be $199 with Halo 5 packed in. The Xbox One has made itself a joke with things like this.

"Microsoft: Xbox One Will Never Come Without Kinect"


How can you put faith into something that doesn't put faith into itself?

No wonder nobody is buying the console. It's more like a chameleon trainwreck than a gaming console. Who knows what and how much it'll be 6 months from now. TV, no TV. Kinect, no Kinect. 10x, no Destruction, $499, no $399. You'll buy an Xbox One for Titanfall, here have it for free. It's been a disaster.

Codewow3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

How can you put faith into CEOs that don't care about the gamers and only the money?

Anyways, you should stop speaking for everyone. Because the 5 million mark for Xbox One sales completely disproves that no one wants an Xbox One. And I don't think Microsoft needs to worry about lowering the price for another while. In fact, I think Sony will be the one to drop their price next, but no time soon.

Edit: Now you speak of changes. You should be happy Microsoft is actually trying to compete now. Because without that competition Sony wouldn't even have to try to make the console better than it already is. And don't go praising Sony, they still have features that they said would be released months ago that have yet to come out.. They're both in the same boat.

Ballsack3661d ago

If ms won they would not have put out this statement in my opinion

I could be wrong,ms could be mad happy and cant contain their excitement that finally won a month... but it sounds like damage control To me.. Which is worrying because a spike wont last (as with all spikes when a price drop is announced) so this is there best chance

funkybudda3660d ago

PS2 era Sony was dominant and still had great games, I think Sony has proven record that they will continue do fine and put gamers as priority, with or without competition. So on that note, I'd love to see Xbox Done (LOL).

Axios23660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )


Nextlevel logic according to sales

PS1 with 1.77m sales in 10 months MUST have been a disaster.

PS2 with 3.52m sales in 7 months MUST have been a disaster.

PS3 with 4.2m sales in 7 moths MUST have been a disaster.

But the funniest part of all:

360 sales at 5 months 3.2, at 8 months 5m

X1 sales at 6 months 5m

And funniest of all, X1 is only in 13 Countries till September.

@ Flunken, feel free to use 2005 (360) and 2006 (PS3) then, same result.

FlunkinMonkey3660d ago

Your sense of humour is concerning.. and your lack of logic is frightening.

You are seriously sitting there and trying to compare console demographics from now to 1994, insinuating that they operate in the same way?

Do you seriously think that the public had the same desire for home consoles in 1994 as they do now?

5m now are SHIPPED, but I know you know that cpt cherry picker. the 13 countries released in for MS are the only ones important for them, why do you think they are pushing there?

The other countries will make little difference.

Magicite3660d ago

And funniest of all - almost nobody cares about xbox outside of US/UK.
Dont forget that PS2 was selling over 20m units/year when it picked up steam.
Sony consoles tend to start slow, but when they pick up the pace, theres no stopping them.

zerog3660d ago

Uh huh and the artical is just about the U.S. and the x1 is still loosing in the U.S. in fact it is losing in ALL 13 countries its released in which are the 13 that 99% of console sales come from. Those other countries will not add anything worth mentioning to sales. All they will do is add to the number of countries the x1 is losing in. Why is it you and a couple others on here can't see that? Its plane as day to anyone with a little common sense. I can't wait till september gets here and see what the excuses will be then lol.

Kratosthegr83660d ago

Axios2 and lifeisgamesok you guys make absolutely no sense with your comments. Let me put this entire thing in laments terms so that you guys can hopefully understand... The 13 countries that you keep on referring to make up for about 80-90% of total sales for both the xbox1 and ps4. Trust me on this. I live in South Africa and it's always been PS country. Sony chose to launch later in Japan because history shows that home console are dying slowly over there. They also chose to launch in the US because it use to be xbox territory. And pay attention because the i said used to be..this is no longer the case. MS chose not to release in those other countries because history has taught them that their system never sold there. if you don't get that i would suggest you either go back to school or remain there as long as possible.. It's not rocket science... You shoulda learnt this in elementary school... And please note that this is an unbiased opinion... Check my comment history..

MysticStrummer3660d ago

Two of the funniest things you forgot…

XB1 still has more sales from 2013 than it does from 2014.

XB1 initially launched in more countries than PS4 did, and PS4 still sold more during that time.

SilentNegotiator3660d ago

1) Xbox One didn't SELL 5m in 6 months.
2) I guess you didn't notice, but the industry is growing; Xbone needs to keep up with the expansion to be called a similar success.

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lifeisgamesok3660d ago

The Xbox One is shifting momentum. There's people that said they would never purchase it but now have preorders (Neogaf)

5 million sales before the system sellers like Halo, Gears, Fable is awesome

If nobody wanted it, it wouldn't be selling better than the 360

Eonjay3660d ago

There are some games for it that still look interesting. Especially and specifically Quantum Break. The issue become if you want to buy a machine just for a few exclusives.

pyramidshead3660d ago

'Xbone is shifting momentum'.

Deja vu back to March with Titanfall...and look how that turned out.


7 millions with no game (xbone fans saying that) is pretty freaking big,just think when the AAA games start arriving

MysticStrummer3660d ago

It's not selling better than 360. The total still looks a little better, but since the beginning of 2014 sales fell way off. 360 also had early supply problems, which XB1 has never had.

XB1 is shifting momentum compared to May, which had very low numbers due to the incoming cheaper sku. Assuming MS's announcement about doubling May's numbers was accurate, the real momentum shift has been very small, especially since we're about to get 5 weeks of data instead of the usual 4.

TurfTyrant3660d ago

@eonjay just a few exclusive??? first of all there are a lot of exclusives. more exclusives were announced for the xb1 at e3 than ps4, excluding indies. but isn't that what it comes down to? isn't that why you by a console over another because of what it has and the other doesn't? personally I think the exclusives for xbox look much better than ps4, they have been better thus far as well. unless you buy a console for the indies in which case by all means get a ps4

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Retroman3660d ago

"X ONE don't know what it is "

it is multi-verse clap-on clapper VCR/CD player.

TurfTyrant3660d ago

I just don't understand why you post 3 articles about the xbox one sales jump and then comment poorly against the xbox. and in-between these don't have any articles that have anything positive to say about the ps4 (and I don't mean some opinion about how you think its better). how about a ps4 game review or preview? or something about a recent ps4 update. this is trolling the recent success of the xbox one sales jump if I have ever seen it. if you were completely confident in the ps4 you wouldn't have to do so much work defending it. I believe the xbox one has the better game selection and that's why I bought it and I believe others are doing the same. not only did the price help but so did the e3 press conference, I don't think this upward trend of xbox ones is going to end anytime soon and I think you know it... hints the overly defensive stance of the ps4

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Majin-vegeta3661d ago

Yes if MS had won June NPD you think they would save it for tomorrow.Instead of blowing their load early.

AngelicIceDiamond3661d ago

Realistically I'm pretty sure PS4 sold more in June.

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user74029313661d ago

duh...its a playstation. those things sell like you wouldn-t believe.

TimeSkipLuffy3661d ago

It's good MS can double their sales. Gamers will always profit from competition. That said I'm excited to play Destiny Beta TODAY! :D