‘Xbox One’ is doing much better now

Nerdacy "So, ever since the Xbox One launched in November 2013 it has been marred by resolution and frame-rate issues when compared to the PS4, as well as being at a considerable disadvantage of being priced $100 higher than Sony’s console and being sold in about 60 countries less (PS4 is in 73 countries, I believe, and Xbox One is in 13)."

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NextLevel1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

People have very low bar on what is good and unrealistic expectations of a device that can't sell better month after month than the 360 with multiple incentives to buy it.

If everything was going so well they wouldn't have changed the policies, dropped Kinect, gave away Titanfall and had day 1 console available 6 months later.

The system was laughed at at the reveal, Booed at E3 and nicknamed the Xbone all while being weaker and more expensive than the PS4. What did people actually think was going to happen?

Axios21556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Total X1 from NPD…2,719,000
Total 360 from NPD…1,726,000


Serious question, did you spam all the PS3 articles because it ACTUALLY didn't sell as well as the PS2?

@ Nexttroll, As you well know, ALL consoles and other products sell lots at launch, the lead up to the holidays are the biggest sellers, MS typically sells more in those 4 months than the rest of the year. Even trolls know that Black Friday has yielded around 1m sales ALONE. But you know all this, you're just a liar and a troll, in serious need of professional help.

Try looking at your own spam, the NPD data for 360 says 360 was on it's way to 2.4m sales in 2006, and yet it did almost 4m, #dealwithit.

NextLevel1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

In 2014 the Xbox One has so far sold 902,000 consoles in the US.

January 2014…141,000
February 2014…258,000
March 2014…311,000
April 2014…115,000
May 2014…77,000

They are on track to sell 2 million consoles in 2014 and have sold less in total than either of it's first 2 months in the US.

November 2013…909,000
December 2013…908,000

This month they said "double" which is 154k. That's worse than Feb and March, how that's doing better is beyond me.

But keep the hope alive, maybe Scandinavia will save the Xbox One.

Eonjay1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The Xbox One was actually doing much better in Feb and March than it is now. Sales being double aren't really impressive because it was Microsoft who assassinated May numbers with the drop announcement. So double sales on your poorest month can't be hard. I think sales will continue like this until the inevitable holiday Bump.

Skylar1556d ago


"maybe Scandinavia will save the Xbox One." LOL no. Scandinavia sales are so small. Less than 5% of the USA sales and that is being generous.

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Pogmathoin1556d ago Show
NatureOfLogic_1556d ago

A small boost from horrible numbers is good now? Where's all the WiiU praise if that's the case.

Volkama1556d ago

Wooooooo go go Wii U! Wii U so fiiiiine! xx


dantesparda1556d ago

"A small boost from horrible numbers is good now?"
That's how it is for fanboys. You forget thse people are cheerleaders. This just shows you why fanboyism is sad and pathetic.

lelo1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


A fanboy calling other fanboys pathetic ... * Head Smack *

aceitman1556d ago

Ok so if its true X1 should be selling better than march and april if not then its not doing better.

AngelicIceDiamond1556d ago

You realize historically the X1 is doing allot better than PS3 did when it launched.

Sony was arrogant, out of touch with consumers, bad PR constant screw ups no compelling games bigger price just like how MS is now and yet MS is bouncing back much faster than PS3 did.

So far it took PS3 2 or 3 or so years to officially bounce back while its taking MS half a year.

Btw this is when the media said RIP to PS3 with constant articles written saying so and weren't they wrong? Tell me weren't they wrong?

Oh media jumping the gun and declaring 360 the winner when the gen just started back then. Just like now and X1 do you see the similarities?

So if Sony's PS3 can make a comeback and look more attactive after so many screw ups what makes you think the X1 can't?

Well, considering it already is.

ThePope1556d ago

Its funny the average PS fanboy says the PS3 was doing WAY better than the 360 right out of the gate. But the question is if that was the case why was there 2 price cuts in a year? To be nice?

RiPPn1556d ago

Sorry but you are comparing apples and oranges, PS3 was kept up by it's strongest market Europe and the PlayStation brand has worldwide appeal. Microsoft is barely selling consoles in it's strongest territory. Your posts are usually more intelligent than this dribble AngelicIceDiamond.

1556d ago
Cupid_Viper_31556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@ Pope

I don't normally like to get into these arguments, mostly because nobody is really in here to adhere to facts. But I'll bite this time.

The PS3 NEEDED price cuts because back then the economy was in turmoil worldwide. And everything subsequently came crashing down shortly afterwards. So it was very hard to find parents willing to drop $600.00 on a games system for little Johnny.

Now please keep in mind that the Xbox One still launched $100.00 below the price of the PS3.

On Topic. If the XBox One is doing better that's great news. But in all honesty, doubling numbers, that Microsoft themselves were too ashamed to puslish last month, is not that reassuring.

This is after a $100 price cut, which was announced almost a month earlier. Meaning that the majority of folks waited until the price cut to make their other words, this is as good as it gets, we all know how sales spikes work.

Chevalier1556d ago

Similarities? Sony didn't have a 1 year head start. You think that Xbone can make a come back?! They actually have to outsell Sony in their markets then, not just U.K/U.S, but take over sales across Europe. Forget comparing PS3, other than the 2 month launch window Xbone is struggling compared to Xbox 360 and unlike 360 it isn't supply constrained. They can't even win a single country so saying they can make a comeback is premature.

AngelicIceDiamond1556d ago

I'm not speaking about sales or any of the sorts I'm talking about console's rocky starts, bad msg and price.

Sony's PS3 eventually got better just like X1 is getting better.

But yeah Sony having a late start didn't help as well.

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TedCruzsTaint1556d ago

The system is on the right track. Has been for a while.

Immorals1556d ago

When the 360 launched, it had no competition, so there's that too

DeadRabbits1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Any Good News from the xbone ghetto is like taking a proverbial whizz in a sea of despair!

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor little baby xbone is bought
In the ghetto

And his mama cries
Cause if there's one thing that she don't need
It's another grubby little xbone to be played
In the ghetto

system221556d ago

Does it get exhausting? Is sony allowed in your bathing suit areas?

jcole971556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Again, why is this your concern? You obviously don't have or want an X1...

Keltech1556d ago

We need someone to balance all the lies that Microsoft and the xdrones spew. Nextlevel is the right man for the job. At least he show evidence, which is more than I can say about the xbox fanatics.

Cyfyxtfg1556d ago

*hands you glass of water* please ease your thirst my friend. Lol

D-riders1556d ago

I'm confused about these articles too. The Xbox isn't doing well. It has an image problem. The problem is that people don't want it. The people who do have it and the one who don't are buying now. But when looking at the numbers their product is very niche. Both companies have a problem. Ms needs to address it's image problem and Sony need so convince the Xbox die hard this isn't last gen

strangeaeon1556d ago

You do realize commenting first on your own submission incredibly lame, right? No matter how much crap you fling at it, the X1 will be successful, sorry to burst your bubble.

strangeaeon1556d ago

I am failing to see your purpose here, what is your endgame? What is your goal? Please let us know why you submit and comment seemingly around the clock about a console that you apparently loathe? Hell, do you even own a PS4? You seem unstable.

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GeofferyPeterson1556d ago

Better then with the Kinect? No way!

XiSasukeUchiha1556d ago

Truly XB1 is doing better than before.

Anon19741556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

"I feel happy!" ;)

xJumpManx1556d ago

Why do sony fans have to be such trolls.

JBSleek1556d ago

Gotta validate that PS4 purchase and what better way to do so but to belittle people who don't enjoy the same console you do.

Makes sense right?

Volkama1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Are Sony fans trolls, or are trolls Sony fans?

I suspect Microsoft trotted over their bridge pretending to be a goat, and then was all like "Hey I'm not a goat I'm a multi-billion dollar corporation, stupid trolls!", and the trolls have been bitter and hungry ever since.

Sigh.... sometimes I re-read what I've written and wonder wtf is wrong with me. But then I post it anyway.


and why are they on N4G 24/7 and not playing their system of choice?

thrust1556d ago

Because they are kids mostly!

Deano73941556d ago

Yeah, because no Microsoft, Nintendo and PC fans troll /s

Trolls aren't exclusive to one brand or platform so get your head out of your rectum and stop being ignorant.

xJumpManx1556d ago

Video Games the movie put it best. Fanboys are just gamers who cant afford all the systems so they have to hate to justify the console they do have by bad mouthing the other consoles.

Unreal011556d ago

Look at thrust participating there. He's the biggest troll we've ever seen.

Do you just ignore all the Microsoft trolls, or PC trolls then? There's plenty on all sides if you actually payed attention.

Skankinruby1556d ago

Lol now sony fans are trolls? I spent all last gen hearing arrogant pre pubescent little boys blabbering about how the 360 was so much better than ps3 and couldn't compose a complete sentence as to why. Every response was 'uhm uhm halo and gears, yeah ps3 sucks!' And completely ignore that since the ps3 slim released the war belonged to sony, and now that some people are spitting the arrogance back into Microsoft fanboys faces you wanna act like Sony fanboys are the problem here.

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