Top 5 Evolution 2014 Moments

DSOGaming writes: "Evolution 2014 was a blast. There were so many surprises, so many comebacks, so many great matches. Dare to say it was among the best EVO events of these past years. As a big fan of Ultra Street Fighter 4, I was left speechless when Daigo, Tokido, Infiltration and Justin Wong were eliminated before even making it to the Top16. YouTube’s member ‘Maximilian Dood’ has shared the following video, showcasing the top 5 moments from this fighting event."

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BiggCMan1557d ago

EVO doesn't get much recognition outside the fighting community. It's a shame because it's such a fun time for everyone. I've only watched it the last 2 years and I REALLY enjoy it even as a non fighting game person.

I play these games for fun on occasion, but I still enjoy and understand EVO. It should be something all gamers watch for a friendly and fun gaming competition every year.

creatchee1557d ago

The BlazBlue Grand Finals was the greatest GF I have ever seen. My only problem with the list was #3. I know JWong winning UMVC3 was huge, but in terms of an actual match/moment, the Winners Finals against FChamp was better and more hype. The match itself was insane and dramatic, but the final moment where JWong happy birthdayed Dark Phoenix spamming and Doom coming in for the assist with the Messatsu-Goshoryu Hyper was one of the craziest and hypest moments in the game's competitive history.