Madden 15 Gameplay Preview Interview

EA Sports Producer Brian T Murray tackles the latest features in Madden NFL 15 in this exclusive gameplay preview interview from New York City.

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jagiii1554d ago

Madden is shaping up to be killer on its second next gen version.

Akuma2K1552d ago

The game wasn't a killer in its first version with madden25, that game was the ps3 version with slightly better graphics.....and that was a stretch.

NinjaRichParty1553d ago

"We have such a great fanbase and they know our game so well, so why not listen to them?"

That is a DAMN good question. Too bad you actually don't...

Deadlead1553d ago

While I've been conditioned over the years to maintain as LOW of expectations as possible for the madden franchise, the football fanatic in me won't allow me to boycott EA Tiburon's game. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!