Nintendo's Titanfall - Splatoon is rip-roaring, refreshing fun [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: "In many ways it seems to be Nintendo's Titanfall -- a game with interesting, fluid traversal, blending simple mechanisms together in a fresh fashion. Swap mechs for squids, and my reaction to Splatoon is much the same as it was for Titanfall this time last year: a game with a cracking central premise and promising core gameplay just waiting for modes and content and the rest of a framework that'll keep players coming back time and time again."

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user74029311582d ago

i see the similarities in the quality.

FuzzyPixels1582d ago

More about two games with fluid, elegant core systems, both bringing elements of freshness to well-worn genres.

Guy1051582d ago

I fully agree with you. There is something to be said about how this game approaches player movement in a new and unique way.

LAWSON721582d ago

They also both could lack gameplay variety offering few modes and only one player count. They may attract players but odds are people do not stick around for a year+. TF is good game but it suffers this problem and by the looks of it Splatoon will suffer a similar problem

Realplaya1582d ago

@ LAWSON72 you are exposed Nintendo already indicated they plan on adding a single player campaign and if they do the Pikmen thing you may see them support DLC. With Amibo they can literally add Mario Metroid and other levels to the game.

Guy1051582d ago

Oh my god, yes! E3 2014 Game of Show!

stripe8141582d ago

take my word this game will sell more than that fallen Titan

lilbroRx1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Ugh, I hate titles like this. There is nothing similar about them and they are not targeting the same audience or being made with the same goals.

Its so belittling to call a game answer to "XXXX" companies' "*****". There is no correlation between these games or their goals. Must everything be forced into this console war garbage?

Forced competition sickens me. I see it enough with people trying to force the Wii U gamepad into competitions with smart devices and tablets.

randomass1711582d ago

I think the comparisons come from both being shooting games that are also exciting new IPs. It's all a matter of perspective though.

dotwithshoes1582d ago

Call this game Nintendo's Titanfall enough, and PS fans will start saying it's sequel will come to the PS4.

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