130° Has Finally Pulled the Plug, Website Domain is Completely Gone

Back in 2013, the staff at long-running gaming site announced that it would be closing down and the site would be archived. However, looking up the domain now only nets you this screen.


The domain is back online again.

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ThatEnglishDude1556d ago

Pretty sad. I remember this site being rather good and informative. Best of luck to the authors and staff of 1UP!

ajames3471556d ago

Yeah, me too. Truly an end to an era :'(

DeadRabbits1556d ago

I dream of the day IGN goes under!

BiggCMan1556d ago Show
speedforce1311556d ago

Finally. This site was loaded with Playstation hatred back in the day. There was a burning hatred for Playstation and they constantly wrote opinion pieces slamming Sony and Sony fans everywhere they could. The comments section was just as bad/even worse.

KonsoruMasuta1556d ago

So it was basically the opposite of here where Sony fans are the ones spreading hatred?

WeAreLegion1556d ago

You're thinking 2009-2013. That was the Sony era on N4G. Things seem to be evening out again.

LambOfLucifer791556d ago

The site is still up and running just fine

stiggs1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Although the site is devoid of new content it is currently still online as of 7/16/14.

Yet another example of poor gaming journalism. How difficult is it to fact check a story of this caliber?

Great job dualshockers.

Tidybrutes1556d ago

The site is still online for me, just read their review of Luigi's Mansion 2.

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