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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom is probably one of those games that will appeal some players because of its content and replayability. However, if people are looking for a true next gen action RPG experience, they're not going to find it here. Plagued with current gen issues and repetitive combat, Dark Kingdom feels like it was ported over to the PS3 from a pre-existing console. While some of these issues might be changed with further downloadable content, the original game will probably only satisfy the diehard action RPGer...

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BIadestarX4447d ago

Ouch, another bad review for sony's belt.


"So where does Dark Kingdom go wrong? Well, apart from the repetitive combat system, there's a ton of gameplay issues that you'd hope would've been fixed with the transition over to the PS3. Load times are surprisingly long when you're accessing new levels. The three playable characters can get hitched up on just about any environmental object or level design piece. Rocks and boxes, as well as hills or background objects can cause your character to freeze in mid-jumping animation for at least five or six seconds. Many of the environments aren't interactive. For example, you'll notice leaves melt through the ground instead of landing on it, and you can't wade through tall grass and have it respond to your motion. About the only thing that does respond in this manner is water, which has a similar textural viscosity as that found in Norrath on the PS2.

The draw distance for the environments is relatively shallow, so you'll notice a ton of pop-in, particularly with enemies. It's possible to run into what appears to be a clear area only to have threats materialize from nowhere. This is different than monsters being summoned into the playing area; this is literally stumbling onto opponents that weren't there a second before. You'll also run into a lot of camera problems during combat, where the camera will unexpectedly zoom in or out during a fight, which will definitely throw you off because you might not see where blows are coming from. The camera will also get stuck on environmental objects or get obstructed by trees or other items, so you will have trouble seeing clearly. Finally, you'll run into slowdown, particularly if you trigger a destructive spell on a large number of enemies."

The Snake4447d ago

"For example, you'll notice leaves melt through the ground instead of landing on it, and you can't wade through tall grass and have it respond to your motion."

I remember a Sony fanboy saying last week that Gears sucked because the trees and grass don't sway.

marionz4447d ago

i thought the ps3 launch games were meant to be superior to the 360 launch games, "playstation magic" i think they called it, well even for launch games they are looking really bad, look at the xbox launch titles, kameo had awesome graphics, bump mapping and textures to die for etc, i havnt seen anything like that for ps3, well i guess it goes to proove developers are having a hard time with the hardware, and at the end of the day 360 is clearly the winner as far as power and showcase games go

power of Green 4447d ago

Sony fanboys dont care about reality they always make a bunch of noise then they fade into oblivion till the next console comes out and the non fanboys that pick up PS2/3 get cought up in the hype/crazz/lies, and they dont buy the games that proves their buying in to the Hype.

daboosa4447d ago

Personaly the only people that are gibving out bad reviews are IGN probably cause there bias! ive seen about 12 other reviws for this game and they've been at the very least 8.7! so why dont you all shut up yo patetic xbox 360 fan boys ps the only reason u are winging on this website is causeu havent got any games to play!!

marionz4447d ago

funny how ps fans always cry that ign is bias, i think they are totally reliable, dont blame us because all the ps3 launch games suck! and i have plenty of next gen quality titles to play, what are you playing?

FadeToBlack4447d ago

Considering I found IGN has always seemed to favor sony in their reviews in the past. But overall IGN in my opinion has always been the most critical and reliable out there.

NewZealander4447d ago

I think u will find IGN have given this Game a better score than any other site.

Gamespot Gives it 6.0
1up gives it 4.0

Its simple ps3 games suck, and why? cos developers dont know how to use the hardware.
Fall of man is the only decent game, but the graphics r average the textures are flat with no bump mapeing, and I think you will all find that its to do with the ps3 256 split memory.

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