Sony’s Flash Sale vs. Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale — Which is Better?

Hot on the heels of the Steam Summer Sale, both Microsoft and Sony have two big sales underway for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Both have some great deals, but which one is better?

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JohnathanACE3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Sony flash sale was much better for the PS1 classics alone not to mention the other stuff. The ultimate games sale really wasn't that ultimate and while I guess that Microsoft technically had more games for sale none of them were really that reasonable of a price.I almost bought all the stuff they had on the PSN flash sale since Sony sale was cheaper and had a lot more games that interested me.

UltimateMaster3631d ago

They don't show the price of the game.

Prime1573631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Yeah, the biggest reason I believe Sony's is bigger is that it has already had many of those titles discounted to the same price... could say, "FIRST!"

Oh, and that several Xbox games have been free with PlayStation plus (at least bloodrayne, deus ex machine, the walking dead (not sure if right season), darksiders... but I guess "free" doesn't count.

However, comparing the two sales at the same instance in time, I'd say Xbox is better in a new way while ps is better in an old way. Glad I own both.

ShinMaster3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

@ UltimateMaster

All games in the Flash Sale are 99 cents.

Seems like this comparison is entirely subjective. They're offering very different types of games, but they're all decent games nonetheless. It just depends on your preferences.

lelo3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

At this moment I'm not purchasing any of Sony's sales offerings, nor Microsoft's sales offerings, but seeing the list on the site for both Sony's and Microsoft's flash sales, I must say without a doubt that Microsoft's sales are much much better then Sony's sales. There is no competition...

kreate3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I also didnt buy any games from neither. Partially becuz i already bought some of those games from a previous sale on psn. And im not gonna be buying ps one gMes.

But the Xbox sale prices needs to be lower. Or else the content is great. The prices are too steep.

Im a cheap gamer.

Magicite3631d ago

when you can play nearly all PS1/PS2 games on a PC...

HeWhoWalks3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Yes, because everyone has/games on PC....

Anyway, OT: Haven't seen either sale, but a sale is a sale. Who cares about the competition of it?

annus3630d ago


Lolwat, how many people don't own a PC of any kind, yet own a console? It doesn't exactly require a good computer to run PS1/PS2 games...

Pogmathoin3630d ago

Now these are the articles to expect here now? Whats next? My controller hits the floor better than yours? Jeez, back in the old day you got satisfaction from porn.....

Matt6663630d ago

It all comes down to with console you own (unless you own both) what type of games you like and weather you actually see anything on the sales you want.

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ReBurn3631d ago

I'm loving the PS1 classics in this flash sale. My Vita is loving them, too.

DeadManMMX3631d ago

My vita wishes legend of dragoon was playable on it.

Twisted_H3art3631d ago

It is you need to download it to a ps3 and transfer it to your vita.

ifistbrowni3631d ago

I dont even see it as a competition. Sony's sale is for older ps1 games with an addition of a few games that were recently given away on ps+

Microsofts sale is an actual sale. There are plenty of titles that i would've bought have i not already owned them. $5 for Gears 3!??! that's an actual deal by digital "sale" standards.

HacSawJimThugin3631d ago

I bought the Gears bundle because of my love for that game. Sadly my nephew cracked the disc but this sale has got me back into beast and horde mode in a big way. I had to jump on that for 5 bucks. Now if only the we the few cheevo would pop Id be a happy camper.

sinspirit3631d ago

An "actual" sale?

And, Gears of War was terribly generic and repetitive after the first game. But, I do think Microsoft had a better sale, but it's not like they have a good selection for games as old as PS1 to chose from anyways.

ado9083631d ago

Your opinion. Personally I love gears

sinspirit3631d ago


There is no "opinion" to argue about a game having many common story and action cliches as dozens of other projects have had or how little variety it has in its own single player. It's just common sense. Like the content all you want. It's great to you, but that doesn't mean it has originality or variety in itself.

Volkama3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Labelling the package "terribly generic" is clearly sharing a negative opinion of the game, even if it is a fact that it shares a lot with other games.

Personally I agree with you, I feel Gears 1 was fairly unique it it's core gameplay whereas 2 and 3 traded that in to feel like other games, and just injected a tonne of scripted spectacle. But they did that spectacle pretty well, and looked very good at the time. I would not call them terrible.

And on-topic, $5 is a good price for it.

spicelicka3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

"Terribly generic" hahaha get real, just because you didn't like it?

Gears 2 campaign was one of the most epic campaigns of the past generation. Story telling wasn't that great and some segments weren't balanced but it was amazing. And introduction of horde mode was revolutionary, since then every other game started including a horde type coop mode. Gears 3 did a brilliant job of pacing the campaign with sequential boss fights, huge enemy variety, and extremely satisfying gameplay. Multiplayer was butter smooth so I don't even need to elaborate on that.

I don't know why you had to call out gears over an article about game deals, seems like you have some unnecessary hate for the game, which is sad but you need to keep to yourself.

sinspirit3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )



If a horror movie has a ton of cliches and stays with the same formulas throughout the movie, like many have, they are generic and likely repetitive. No "opinion" can argue that. It can be a great movie but you can't argue the consistency and originality of content. That is decided by how much variety and how innovative the content is. But, not having variety or originality definitely brings down the contents likeliness to be good.

That's like saying your "opinion" can claim a common keyboard is not generic.

The main reason I brought this up is because he said PSN wasn't having an "actual" sale. And, then he brings up one of the worst games on sale for XBox, and says that is a deal, as if $1 PS1 classics with strong story, nostalgia, and some innovating gameplay for their time are not a proper "sale".

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Patrick_pk443631d ago

Sony has been having a ton of sale the past couple of months. Usually every two weeks and they provided a variety of titles from indies to AAA. Also learn the definition of "sale", because clearly you don't.

Dark_Overlord3631d ago

I'd just like it if we actually ever got these flash sales on the EU PSN :/

Neixus3631d ago

Tired of that everything is having to be a competition

mushroomwig3631d ago

I just said exactly the same thing in my head while reading the title, I'm so sick of it. I mean what's next, 'which console packaging is better? Xbox One or PS4?'

xx4xx3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

C'mon... everyone knows XBOX always has the better packaging.

sinspirit3631d ago


Don't think too hard about comparing cardboard boxes.