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PS4 vs Xbox One Packaging Compared

Gameranx compares the packaging of the PS4 and the Xbox One. (PS4, Xbox One)

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yellowgerbil  +   507d ago | Well said
that PS4 box is really old school. reminds me of the PS1/PS2 with the big pictures of games. Remember back in the day, demo discs, man that takes me back.
Enemy  +   507d ago | Funny
They're both boxes that will meet the inside of my garbage bin on day one.

Wouldn't it make more sense to see how they're packaged inside? Lol.
slimeybrainboy  +   507d ago | Funny
Screw DRM, and launch lineups. I'm making my purchase decision based on the packaging.
Enemy  +   507d ago
My box has better lineup of image placement and composition!

Nitrowolf2  +   507d ago
I still have my original phat PS3 box :)
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Godmars290  +   507d ago
What. You don't recycle? A villain is you.
JKelloggs  +   507d ago
You throw them away?

I always keep boxes of every electrical purchase. Still got my PS2 one
kneon  +   507d ago
They can come in a brown paper bag for all I care, I haven't played with the box since I was 2 :)
Elwenil  +   507d ago
I still have my Genesis box, my Playstation box, two original PS2 boxes, a fat PS3 and a slim PS3 box. Somewhere I have a big box full of NES game boxes and Nintendo Power magazines, lol.
cleft5  +   507d ago
What are you talking about friend, I still have my PS3, 360, PS2, Super Nintendo, and I think my Sega Genesis original box. You don't throwaway your console boxes friend. That is just wrong.
abzdine  +   507d ago
PS4 package is sexy and smaaaaaall! 50% raw power more, no power brick.
Fairchild Channel F  +   507d ago

I still have my original NES box :)
DatRealBoy  +   507d ago
I always save my boxes lol force of habit I still have the ps3 phat box and the slim uncharted 3 box
ThanatosDMC  +   507d ago
The Xbone box is all nice and classy... wonder if that's why it cost $100 more?
v6volume  +   507d ago
You don't keep the boxes?????
LoveGaming  +   507d ago
I know right, why in the world are people getting excited over a cardboard box....
YNWA96  +   507d ago
Remember Atari St and C Amiga days, when they had pictures of the 20-30 games you got with it!
GT67  +   507d ago
I still have my INTELLIVISION console box with "Burgertime" pictures.
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Eonjay  +   507d ago
The things that stands out the most to me is just how damn slip the PS4 package is.
kickerz  +   507d ago
I like to keep the boxes and put things in them. Like CDs , Lego , cables lol and other things
thehitman  +   507d ago
Ouch so cold Enemey.. I still have my original 60gig ps3 box in my closet just cant bring myself to throw it out.
Thomaticus  +   507d ago
Not yet! Now we must admire the boxes!
crxss  +   507d ago
that's not even the ps4 box.... at least according to these pictures


guitarded77  +   507d ago
@ crsxx
Those (first pic) are the mock-ups they've been using since announcement... the pic in the article is probably the real deal retail version. As for the unfolded, I don't know... maybe each region has different packaging.

On topic
I always keep mine... Yeah, they take up space in the attic, and are probably a fire hazard, but I can't bring myself to throw them away. Besides, you know how much more vintage consoles are worth with the original packaging?
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Silly Mammo  +   507d ago
Funny, I'm getting the PS4 day 1, but I actually think the X1 packaging looks better. But since I don't play the packaging, it really has no relevance to me.
ZHZ90  +   507d ago
PS4 box looks really cool. Looks like I'll keep it. :)
KwietStorm  +   507d ago
You throw them out? I recycle all my cardboard boxes, but all my video game console boxes are in the attic. Don't ask me why, they just are. Even my NES and 32X boxes are up there. Yea I had a 32X big whoop wanna fight about it?
ShinMaster  +   507d ago
I keep my boxes.
Comes in handy when moving.
UltimateMaster  +   507d ago
I like the PS4 Box art better.
Not only does it have a design art to it, but they show us what games you can play on it.
Isn't games an important part of your business?
sync90  +   507d ago
I always keep the boxes. Hell, i've even got boxes in the attic for consoles i dont own anymore.
waltercross  +   507d ago
I Give all boxes to my kids, they take care of the rest!.
BoriboyShoGUN  +   507d ago
hell yeah I always keep my boxes too. Have the 360 MW2 box, the PS3 even the Wii boxes. In case you move or something BOOM perfect safe box for it :D
MRMagoo123  +   507d ago
actually i still have my original boxes from my ps, ps2 and ps3 all in my cupboard, i dont wanna chuck em away they hold memories, when i look at the boxes it makes me happy with nostalgia lol.
andrewsqual  +   507d ago
Launch line ups? I'd rather not be screwed over a few years down the line when a casual gimmick takes full priority over decent games which are really "games".
Ritsujun  +   507d ago
You can see that the Xbone180's too scared to show itself, poor weak giant.
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ohiostatesman  +   506d ago
The xbox one package looks so much better than the PS3 its unbelievable. The all black looks smooth and sophisticated. The PS4 boxing looks so childish in my opinion.
Seafort  +   506d ago
I'd advise any Xbone or PS4 owner to keep their boxes for a few weeks till you know the console isn't going to overheat while playing games :)

I can see another RROD fiasco happening if MS are being rushed to release :P
darren_poolies  +   506d ago
You don't keep the box?!!!!
UnHoly_One  +   506d ago
Wait till you guys have to move, then tell me if you are still keeping useless empty boxes from 10 and 20 years ago. lol
malol  +   506d ago
the xbox one is dull and uninnovative, speaks of whats in the box.
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Benchm4rk  +   506d ago

I've moved about 3 times in the last 4 years and I've still got boxes for my nes,snes,64,ps1, dreamcast,ps2, original Xbox, halo edition Xbox, GameCube, launch 360, slim 360, Halo 4 360, wii and phat ps3. Makes sense as when I move thats what I package the consoles in. My wife thinks I have a slight hoarding disorder lol
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   507d ago
Daaaaamn i forgot all about pictures of videogames on the back of the box.

Thanks for the memory recall.
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iamtehpwn  +   507d ago
While I prefer the outside of the Xbox One Box, I'd much rather have what's inside the PS4 box.
SlyGuy  +   507d ago
Those demo discs. I got hours of play time from them. lol.
yellowgerbil  +   507d ago
I would of never discovered MGS if it wasn't for a demo disc from playstation magazine.
great concept, digital stores have done away with them unfortunately :(
vigilante_man  +   507d ago
I like the all black look of the XB1 box even though I prefer the contents of the PS4 box!
ForgivenZombie  +   507d ago
Yeah, xbone box is nice, but I do like the old school look of Sony's box to.
InMyOpinion  +   507d ago
The Xbox packaging is obviously nicer (only a fanboy or a colorblind person stuck in the 90's would disagree).

Still getting a PS4, dirt ugly packaging or not. :)
Eddie20101  +   507d ago
Here's a site with a better representation of the boxes without any bias.

scott182  +   507d ago
In that comparison the PS4 box looks better... LOL, this is ridiculous.
DigitalRaptor  +   507d ago
I know, ridiculous right? The article's images show the PS4 on its side.

The article you posted is a much fairer analysis. http://media.psu.com/media/...

Vibrant blue ftw!
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2cents  +   507d ago
I prefer the X-Box lol

@enemy... lol
ovnipc  +   507d ago
Orignal PS3 box was the best of all, xbox 360 box when lunch was a green box with some circular lines nothing special. But xbox one box looks betters. PS4 box looks horrible, the console its sexy they should make the box a little more sexy.
Aceman18  +   507d ago
Blue has always been my favorite color. Both boxes look really nice, but I'm more partial blue Lol.
bigfish  +   507d ago
that's it see, SONY are going back to video gaming roots with PS4 - what made video gaming so enjoyable in the first place.
bjmartynhak  +   507d ago
Demo discs! Oh how many times I played that Metal Gear demo!!
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edgeofsins  +   507d ago
It also shows off how small the console appears to be and stocking up on them seems to be more efficient so stores can get more at once.
X-Alchemist  +   507d ago
This is just getting ridiculous now, comparing boxes really?
hiredhelp  +   507d ago
There's a reason why XBOX ONE has bigger box the reason is the Dam power brick im still confused by it.
xtremeimport  +   507d ago
a nice packaged device just smells of quality. So I believe it does matter. I pretty the Xb1 packaging over the Ps4. Just looks more sleek, But I prefer whats inside the Ps4 box more.
Bathyj  +   507d ago
Its weird that the Xbone box looks better than the PS4 box cos it follows the the look of the console, yet the PS4 looks better that the Xbone. I just went crosseyed.

So i guess XBone looks good, for a box, and PS4 should have made a box that looks like a PS4. Probably hard to stack them with that tapered edge.
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IRON883  +   507d ago
Like holy crap were the hell is nov 15th already !!!!!! I need my ps4 now!!!!! Hopefully gta5 will hold me up till then
s8anicslayer  +   507d ago
I can't wait to smell them...I love the new car smell XD
CaJuaLFeatPuFF  +   507d ago
Definitely PS4.
Xbox one boxing looks like it saying "Cable Box INCOMING"
MikEyG  +   507d ago
You just made me feel all sentimental and s**t......thank you
Totoro17  +   506d ago
I remember the back of my PS1 box...it was Battle Arena Toshinden, Ridge Racer, Madden, and I think Crash. Good times. Thanks for the flashback, gerbil :)
Tooly  +   507d ago
always makin supid competitons
knifefight  +   507d ago
Can't wait till someone compares the bar codes, the bubble wrap, and taste of the plastic.
Tooly  +   507d ago
me either who you think goin win
Caleb_H  +   507d ago
@tooly ps4
Godlovesgamers  +   507d ago
Most of these people are so pathetic they would compare stool samples of the CEO's of these companies if given the chance and then somehow be able to add that info as to why their console of choice is better.
s8anicslayer  +   507d ago
BallsEye  +   507d ago
With all the respect to ps4...packing looks like a toy from chinese market =/
MasterCornholio  +   507d ago
Technically both of them are toys from China. Well at least half of the PS4s are from China while the other half come from Japan.



P.S In my opinion they both look good but its the inside that matters the most to me which is why im going with the blue box.
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Hicken  +   507d ago
First, you have no respect for the PS4.

Second, it looks like the console boxes of old. In other words you're saying the older consoles all looked like Chinese market toys.
BallsEye  +   507d ago
Ow I do have respect for ps4, like I do have respect for every gaming machine. I own more gaming machines in my collection than you ever will. Yea, I earn money and invest in my hobby. I just hate sony community on this site. It's so low...
Godlovesgamers  +   507d ago
"Respect" for the PS4? What hell is wrong with you, seriously? We're talking about a consumer entertainment product, not power tools, firearms or even the Law.

What are you, Sony's indentured servant/slave?

Gotta try harder. Your own logic can be used against you; your stance is hypocritical.
jatakk  +   506d ago
Haha, respect for a f-ing toy.. you are too funny!
Hicken  +   506d ago
@Godlovesgamers: Guess you were too busy making yet another pointless comment to realize that BallsEye was the first one to start talking about "respect" for the PS4.

Personally, I don't care whether he "respects" it or not. But given his comments, it's evident that he doesn't, which makes him a liar.

Oh, but I forgot: MS fans don't mind being lied to. Guess it's no surprise they don't mind lying, either.
Godmars290  +   507d ago
This is just silly.
onyoursistersback  +   507d ago
it is!!!
I have more interested on how they will burn and such after i take out my system. I need something to start a fire, when winter shows up.
Elit3Nick  +   507d ago
you said it...
GreenRanger  +   507d ago
Next they'll compare the smell of the game boxes.
Otoshigamisama  +   507d ago
Lol they'll compare the workers first then the smell of the boxes.
MineHaxx  +   507d ago
For example:
Hmmm..This smells like a Homemade Ass Shampoo.
Oh!And this one smells like poop.
jreeves82  +   507d ago
I like the box for the Xbox One better. But I am still getting the PS4.
falviousuk  +   507d ago
Lets compare the font styling used in the consoles names next.

What a totally ridiculous piece. I though things couldnt sink any lower, and then this comes out.
SegaGamer  +   507d ago
I was about to post something similar. Comparing the packaging, it doesn't get much more pathetic then this
mushroomwig  +   507d ago
Comparing the font? Trust me they already did that when the PS3 was first announced, everyone was complaining how it was basically the Spiderman font.
falviousuk  +   507d ago
Thats rights, i do remember that.
beebap  +   507d ago
I really liked that style of font with the fat. Wish they keep it.It was sexy looking console.
Foxgod  +   507d ago
Xb1 box, but not only because the box looks better, but also because of what is in it!
DoesUs  +   507d ago
Power of the cloud, so will be empty.
Godmars290  +   507d ago
I see what you did there...


Though given that we are talking about a cloud, which is made of water, isn't what you're really saying is that the inside of the box is going to be soggy damp and cold?

Much like my wife last night - Hey oh!
#8.1.1 (Edited 507d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report
s8anicslayer  +   507d ago
$Godmars Your wife is soggy damp and cold? Did you meet her at a cemetery?
Sevir  +   507d ago
EXVirtual  +   507d ago
It's just the packaging. Which some of us are gonna through away or put it in storage.
byeGollum  +   507d ago
My packaging is better your packagez . . O_o
Foxgod  +   507d ago
My package is bigge~r!
Hellsvacancy  +   507d ago
I doubt it kid
Foxgod  +   507d ago
I am pretty sure of it, because i compared them 10 minutes ago.
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Hellsvacancy  +   507d ago
I wouldn't tell everyone that mate
Foxgod  +   507d ago
Why not, i wanna show people the goods that come out of my package....
sher123win123  +   507d ago
because half of it is the power brick
WickedLester  +   507d ago
XB1 packaging is minimal, bolder, more eye catching. Sony's is somewhat busier. I don't know if I saw both on the shelf side by side the Xb1 box would catch my eye more.
mushroomwig  +   507d ago
You know what else would catch your eye? The price tag.
DigitalRaptor  +   507d ago
When both boxes are displayed from the same angle, unlike the one that this article suggests, the PS4 box looks very elegant and eye-catching. For example:


It is just the top of the packaging that is busier, with more images.
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scott182  +   507d ago
I love that better view of the ps4 box, it actually makes it look really nice.
STK026  +   507d ago
The Xbox One's feels a bit more classic, while the PS4's reminds me of older consoles's boxes. At the end of the day, neither will be exposed in my home as they will either be put in a closet or simply recycled.

As for the boxes as marketing tools in a shop, I sure do hope people won't let a box influence their decision, as it would be pretty dumb to choose between both consoles based on their boxes...
Otoshigamisama  +   507d ago
Lol even the boxes are being compared? what's next the workers who built the systems?SMH
JediDiah  +   507d ago
I would like to see a FREE GAME on the Xbox like OTHER country's got! Might need to cancel mine if we get passed over.
Pancit_Canton  +   507d ago
PS4 packaging alone is more powerful than Xbone itself.
Kingdom Come  +   507d ago
The fact that your agree to disagree ratio is so high proves the immaturity and bias focus of this site...
gcolley  +   506d ago
GreenRanger  +   507d ago
Incoming: PS4 and Xbox One Delivery Men Compared.
thebudgetgamer  +   507d ago
The PS4 guy has youth on his side, but the Xbox guy's back brace is appealing in the right light.
bligmerk  +   507d ago
The PS4 box is the most attractive, more cheerful layout and eye-catching to the browsing holiday shopper -- by more than 50%, confirmed! MS say sorry.
Mister_G  +   507d ago
Good look nicely presented, but its PS4 for me :D
AceBlazer13  +   507d ago
the ps4 box looks more fun, the other looks kinda dull, like those cellphone boxes.
firelogic  +   507d ago
I preordered a PS4 but after seeing these carboard boxes, I'm going to cancel it and get an XB1 instead.
lastofgen  +   507d ago
Why in the world is everything, I mean literally everything, being compared this generation??
ZHZ90  +   507d ago
Because the competition is already on before even they get released.
Not just Sony and MS & PS4 and X1 BUT also Fans of both sides!
Deltaguy  +   507d ago
Xbox more modern sleeker box, ps4 looks cheap but i like the slimness...wtf am i talking about their just boxes....
Angerfist  +   507d ago
Xbox minimalistic, PS4 looks fresh, i like them both
TheKingWilliamV  +   507d ago
Now where comparing packaging? lol must be a slow news day haha
xBraiNshOcK  +   507d ago
I was hoping for a user manual comparison as well.
Nik_P757  +   507d ago
Honestly the PS4 box looks more appealing because it's smaller and I keep all my console boxes. Who cares though lol if the box affects any part of your decision to buy a console then you have a problem.
5h4h4b  +   507d ago
Both are good but ps4 box is 50% more powerful.
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BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   507d ago
I mean really...is it getting so bad that comparing boxes is necessary? no wonder why this is the least exciting console generation for me.who every comes up with this type of articles needs to take a long walk off a short bridge.
mike32UK  +   507d ago
I prefer the x1 box but I'm getting a ps4. Has the world gone mad??!?
JuniorCE  +   507d ago
Color Blue is always better than black...
VforVideogames  +   507d ago
Not really it looks cheap but the XB1 looks killer, looks like an invite to the dark-side or something.
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