Ubisoft selling over twice as many units on PS4 than Xbox One

Ubisoft is selling over twice as many units on PlayStation 4 than Xbox One, figures from the company have revealed.

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Applejack3661d ago

That's great for Sony but I like this figure better.

"However, the percentage for both platforms has more than doubled since Ubisoft's last quarter, where 13 percent of Ubisoft's sales came from PS4 and 7 per cent from Xbox One".

Hopefully this means that not only Ubisoft, but all developers stick to next gen only much sooner.

JBSleek3661d ago

That only shows 20% sales coming from next gen. We are likely to continue to get cross gen on most games till end of 2015.

denawayne3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

"Yay! My team is winning!"


Maxor3661d ago

20% of sales from nextgen is really sad. That means despite all the hype about graphics and resolution it's the subHD games that really make money.

SilentNegotiator3661d ago

"Yay! The system I chose will receive lots of support and miss out on very little!"


styferion3661d ago

@Maxor: that's because the install base for each console's next-gen still nowhere near 80 millions of last-gen install base..

xilx3661d ago


That doesn't show 20% of sales are coming from next gen. That's their stats from the previous quarter. The article states their latest sales figures are 36% PS4, 17% XBox One (53% total next gen).

guitarded773661d ago

20% is high considering there are more than just cross-gen games being made. There are games which don't even appear on new-gen consoles in those stats, and that drives the numbers down. This new-gen is starting off very well, but it will be another year before the ultimate phasing out. About a year from now, we'll probably only see sports games and a few others still being developed for last gen. After the holiday season, more people will have new consoles, and the development will shift more.

Evilsnuggle3661d ago

This great news PS4 owner . The lessens the likelihood that developer will GIMP the PS4 versions of milt platform games in the name of parity .

PONTIAC08G8GT3661d ago

Maybe I'm a moron, but if there are twice as many PS4 then X1's, wouldn't games sell twice as well on the PS4 compared to X1? I'm no math major but if there are twice as many PS4's, game should sell better on PS4.

Syntax-Error3661d ago

Isn't this to be expected considering the PS4 has twice as many consoles sold?

deafdani3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Way to ignore the context here. There's more than 140 million PS3s and Xbox 360s combined out there, as opposed to around 14 million PS4s and Xbones combined.

20% of total game sales, in that context, is quite impressive. It means the new gen consoles are having a strong and fast adoption rate in terms of games.

Perjoss3660d ago

"20% of sales from nextgen is really sad. That means despite all the hype about graphics and resolution it's the subHD games that really make money."

Massive install bases do not just go away overnight. Did you think that just because new tech came out that people would just throw away their ps3 and 360, hell there is still a decent amount of people playing PS2. Pro Evo Soccer 2014 was released on PS2 back in Feb of this year even though the PS3 has been out for about 8 years and the PS4 has been around for about 8 months.

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AngelicIceDiamond3661d ago

Sony and Ubisoft marketing strategy worked out well for Ubisoft.

badz1493661d ago

better than their strategy with Nintendo it seems with the Wii U.

joab7773661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

This is crazy news. Ubisoft is selling more units on the console that has sold more? No way. Woulda thought it had been the opposite.

MRMagoo1233661d ago

Well I have read a few comments from xbone fanboys that say the xbone sells more games despite being the smaller fan base, so what is it ? you cant have it both ways.

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tgunzz3661d ago

All this means to me is that a lot of xb1 owners are missing out on a great game...

Hardcore_gamerxbox3660d ago

They don't missing out anything Xbox owners got lots of AAA games to play on their Console not crappy indie games

Boody-Bandit3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )


"Xbox owners got lots of AAA games to play on their Console not crappy indie games"

You know I keep hearing this from MS only consumers but owning an X1 myself I'm not seeing all these AAA games. Care to list them so I can go out and pick some up or maybe gamefly a few.

On topic:
This will be the norm this generation. Sony's gap is increasing, not slowing down. MS needs to dig deeper and find ways to make the X1 more appealing. Maybe another price drop and removing all the apps, except online gaming, from behind the pay wall (XBL) and offer better content discounted and for free.

DVAcme3660d ago

@Hardcore_gamerxbox Wow, way to fulfill the stereotype, no wonder indies abandoned Microsoft en masse to go with Sony. You shouldn't crap on indies, they form a SUBSTANTIAL fraction of game sales these days, and the huge amount of money they generate with relatively low investment earns publishers a lot of the money that serves later for AAA titles.

Not to mention that some of the greatest and most artistic games ever made are indies, and many indie games serve as a starting point for many non-gamers to appreciate the medium. Which game do you think serves better to prove the point that games are art, Call of Duty or Journey?

Ju3661d ago

You should probably mention those 13% & 7% refer to the last quater with this, quote:

As detailed in the company's latest sales report, 36 per cent of its total Q1 sales came from PlayStation 4 titles, with Xbox One making up just 17 per cent.

Which means, next gen console surpased more than 50% in th Q1.

Applejack3661d ago

Yeah, I guess many didn't realize when I said it doubled but too late to change that.

ITPython3661d ago

Glad to see the PS4 staying ahead, which is good for everyone. If the XB1 was selling more consoles and games than PS4, MS would have more leverage with their parity clause, and all multiplat games would be restricted to the lowest common denominator then ported upwards. Just imagine if all next gen games had the graphical fidelity of Watch Dogs (actually it would be worse), cause that is what would happen if MS got their way.

Gamers everywhere, even those on PC, absolutely need the PS4 to stay in the lead. Because the last thing gaming needs is more of MS's dictatorship of "If we can't have it, nobody can". Those of us on the PS4 and PC's did our homework and picked out the most powerful machines available, and it isn't our fault that MS chose to use inferior hardware in their console and we certainly shouldn't be punished for it.

Magicite3661d ago

Basically we know Ubisoft platform of choice for their future games.