Trackmania 2 Universal Demo - Now Available, Includes Track Building Tool

Ubisoft Nadeo released today the Trackmania 2 Universal Demo.

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wannabe gamer1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

so they sell the games as 3 separate parts stadium canyon and valley and segment the community of paying customers so badly the games are dead....then they release a free demo that combines all the games into one....unless they have also combined the retail games into one for the people that paid for them then this is a mega insult to those that paid for 1 or all the the 3 parts of a game that should have been whole to begin with. W T F

yes i get that its a timed demo but the fact remains they have created a version of the game with all the pieces in one.... for free

sorane1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

They will all combine just like they did with Trackmania United. Really no different than what every developer does these days with dlc and releasing a GOTY edition when it's all over except if you have all 3 it will automatically combine and all these games can easily be had for $4.99-$9.99 during sales. If you haven't tried Trackmania and like arcade racers then you really really should. I recommend Trackmania Nations Forever which is totally free and has more content than every other racer combined. The tracks are totally nuts, just look at the one in the article :)

wannabe gamer1558d ago

no its not the same as every other dev and DLC. this isnt DLC this is separating a single game into 2 different games and purchases and each game runs separate from the others. this would be like buying the next COD game and having to buy it 3 times and each purchase you made ran from its own EXE file and you could only play with other ppl that had bought that same part. it sounds like DLC but it isnt the same situation at all.

Do you have a source saying that this is what they plan to do? cause if not then i highly doubt it will actually be done.

sorane1558d ago

You're right it's not like DLC it's actually a lot better than it. You buy what you want and it's completely standalone.

"Do you have a source saying that this is what they plan to do? cause if not then i highly doubt it will actually be done."

Seeing it's exactly what they did with the last game and they have just released a demo with them all combined I don't see how anyone could "highly doubt" that it will be done. Seems pretty obvious to me.

3-4-51559d ago

You make a good point.

It was a money decision and those will always push customers away. O they made their money, they just lost customer interest along the way....good for them though

Hylis1559d ago

You are right that it's difficult to release on a continuous basis new content without having some division effect. However, this demo is also there to solve the issue, since you can join the others for at least an hour per day, and then united the community like the spirit between Nations & United, but not focused on only one environment.

will900751558d ago

They seriously need to make this game for the ps4...