USA Weekly, 5th July 2014

XOne 39,025 (-3%)
PS4 38,044 (-7%)
3DS 33,105 (-2%)
WiiU 26,217 (+11%)
X360 14,780 (-5%)

Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) 44,862
Sniper Elite 3 (PS4) 30,504
Minecraft (X360) 28,630
Minecraft (PS3) 27,292

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Ezz20133663d ago

i always trust Lolchartz with those real,always right numbers than both Sony/MS WorldWide and NPD Official Numbers

NewMonday3663d ago

last month VGC were off by a full 100% from NPD numbers.

Ausbo3663d ago

Hey could you post links for vgchartz and npd?

morganfell3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Look at the online sales for the top retailers:

Gamestop: The X1 is not even in the top 100 and is being outsold by 2 different PS4 systems, 2 different Vita bundles, and 3 different WiiU setups. As well as countless console refurb bundles, none of which are X1s.

The top X1 at Gamestop is sitting at position 107 and is actually the X1 Forza bundle - a Kinect version. This is the first month an X1 has not been in the top 100 the entire month to date. The Kinectless SKU is at 137. A drop of over 100 places from last month.

Best Buy: X1 was constantly in 3rd last month and this month has been at 5th or below with the PS4 still in 1st.

Amazon: PS4 has been averaging 12th for the month but currently is in 10th. The White PS4 is in 48th for the month but 37 this hour. The Kinectless X1 is in 65th for the month and 55 and dropping away as of this writing. This is the worst the X1 has ever performed at Amazon.

vgchartz is nothing but lie after lie after lie and N4G is betraying it's visitors and those that submit legitimate stories by allowing a site that has never been right, not even close, in continuing to produce FUD.

bleedsoe9mm3663d ago

what were the NPD numbers last month ?

bicfitness3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

And assuredly, they'll be off for June and July. They're always off, use no measurable scientific methods, and clearly skew the numbers in favor of certain brands. Its a completely unreliable and useless site, considering there are much better resources from which to draw.

Edit: @ bleeds, VGCs LITERALLY over-tracked the X1 by 100%, or more. There's a margin of error, and then we enter the realm of pure fabrication. VGCs lives in the latter category.

amiga-man3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

And yet again the PS4 has a bigger minus score than the xone, I can honestly say I have never seen the PS4 with the higher trend

Strange when it has been outselling it's rival by a large margin.

Death3663d ago


Why do you feel online retailers are representative of actual sales? Amazon sales are very specific in the fact they only indicate Amazon's sales trends. If we all shopped on Amazon exclusively, citing their sales trends may be relevant. The only thing Amazon trends represent is Amazon's sales. NPD is a much better source for overall sales trends, but it is still an educated guess since the worlds largest retailer does not share their sales data. The only reliable source we have are from the manufacturers and those numbers are shipped numbers no matter how much denial you drink in the morning with your Cheerios.

morganfell3663d ago

Because I have used online retailers and almost nailed exactly the last 6 months whereas vgchartz...what a pack of lies. Have you ever seen them in the ballpark without adjusting the numbers AFTER they see the real figures. No, not even close yet you choose to believe them anyway? Now who is drinking denial.

Online sales are fairly indicative of the overall picture and they are a part of the overall numbers. I have been nailing it. Go look it up. I have a post history but do not have the time to do it for you.

Next Thursday you may want to avoid N4G altogether.

I have this thread marked and when the July NPD comes out in August I will be looking for your remarks there as well. But you probably shouldn't comment. You are setting yourself up for a huge serving of humble pie, do you realize that?

Jrmy843663d ago

So many disagrees when stating a fact.

Prime1573663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

If only I had the time to create a spreadsheet to compare each week with npd...

SpinalRemains1383662d ago


Hahaha when I saw that Chihuahua, all I could hear was a Nazi voice at Nuremberg.



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KillerByte233663d ago

When does the June NPD get released

Jury3663d ago

Thank you Virtual Guess Charts for your random guesswork. What a great idea for a website!


shinrock3663d ago

I know i might get ripped for asking this,but is any hard proof that vgc are intentionally overtracking xbox, and undertracking sony #'s? I keep seeing this posted every time i come on this site.

marloc_x3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I know right? *Good job N*

wynams3663d ago

Well it is widely reported (google it) that Microsoft uses UNITS SHIPPED where Sony uses UNITS SOLD

n4rc3663d ago

And it should be widely known that sold to customer numbers are estimates based on reorders by retailers.

The only number any of them reliably know is what they sold to those retailers.. You think every chain and store on the planet is reporting back to every supplier they deal with? No.

johndoe112113663d ago


You do know that based on your logic, if sony were to start using sold to retailers numbers that they would have an even bigger lead on the xbox one and it would literally make the xbox's presence in the market seem irrelevant right?

Pogmathoin3663d ago

Johndoe, based on your logic, any crap can be twisted to suit your agenda......

johndoe112113663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Ok pogmathoin, seeing as logic eludes you, let me put this another way. We both know that there are tons of xbones on store shelves. And based on what you xbox guys say, there are tons of ps4's on store shelves. Now, if Microsoft uses shipped numbers and they are at 5mil sold to retailers then that 5mil also includes the ones we are seeing on store shelves correct? Sony uses sold to customer numbers and they are at almost 9mil which does not include the ones on store shelves. If we were to add the tons that are on store shelves now, how much do you think the sold to retailers would be?


And contrary to the crap that narc said they do have a very good idea as to how many have been sold to customers. Are you guys so clueless as to not know that every ps4 activated online is registered on the ps network? In fact using sonys method they probably sold more to customers because their network would not pick up the ones that are used by people without Internet.

n4rc3662d ago

So what? People don't need to be online.. What about demo units or returned units?

You even said as much...

So... Please inform all of us how anything I said is incorrect.. I've worked in supply chain management for years.. Suppliers don't care how many you've resold, and retailers aren't very willing to disclose their sales info, especially on a monthly basis..

Sold to customer numbers are estimates.. Sold to retailers are definitive.

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SuperBlunt3663d ago

Not proof but when the official numbers come out this website seems to undertrack the ps and overtrack the xb. I think april was pretty bad

True_Samurai3663d ago

Nawl basically if Ps4 beats Xbox in a week it's true

If Xbox beats PS4 it's a lie VG is unreliable etc.

They're too bias to accept a loss