PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets More WIP Screenshots Showing Progress, New Info on Development

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games is definitely going to carry fans every step of the way through the development of their 2016-bound PS4 exclusive Without Memory, and today they released a new batch of work-in-progress screenshots of the game, showing the preliminary character model, and the evolution of the first level of the game, with the addition of more vegetation, rocks and some rain. In addition to that they also gave more info on development

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Moe-Gunz3125d ago

This game sounds interesting but 2016 is a long ways away.

TomShoe3125d ago

Wake me up when it's 2016.

SpadeX3125d ago

Time to use the time machine!

Convas3125d ago

Why does Dualshockers keep trying to hype this up when it's so far away?