Shin’en Interested In Wave Race Wii U If Given The Opportunity

N247 writes: If you were to ask me which N64 games I would like to see remade or given an HD makeover on the Wii U, Wave Race 64 would be on the top of that list. Super game developers, Shin’en Multimedia also agrees. During a recent interview, Shin’en CEO Manfred Linzner shared the love for the game and how they wouldn’t mind working on a Wii U version of Wave Race if given the opportunity by Nintendo.

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Chupa-Chupa3132d ago

Wave Race Wii U + Shin'en = Take my money!

Metallox3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

So many studios want to work with Nintendo's IPs, and yet we don't see any game coming soon, aside from Hyrule Warriors.

Hopefully next year we can see the first bunch.

3-4-53132d ago

Because most studios aren't as talented as we think they are.

They make stupid easy mistakes that Nintendo's quality control, won't allow, so it's sometimes a bit stricter, and Nintendo doesn't want somebody else screwing up what they built up for the past 30+ years.

Angrymorgan3132d ago

Id go out and get a wii u just for this game..
best game of my childhood!

Cybermario3132d ago

great games making a comeback, nice! now if i had some chicken wings i'd be in heaven!

TheButtonMasher3132d ago

Wave Race and F-Zero X, for DAMN sure \m/
I would buy a Wii U if this happened.

herbs3132d ago

Would be awesome to see either a new Wave Race or F-Zero!!! Shinen could prob make both great but I honestly hope Nintendo improves upon that wonderful MarioKart 8 engine for the next F-Zero.

TheButtonMasher3132d ago

And as long as the F-Zero soundtrack is a metal theme like X was. The newer F-Zeros were too electric.

MSBAUSTX3132d ago

They should be allowed to make any game they politely ask to make at this point, IMO. Like Nintendo has done over the years, Shin'en has proven that the wait is worth it because their titles have the best production quality. Let them do Wave Race for the Wii U! It would be $20 or less and would be better than if anyone else did it.

ricochetmg3132d ago

This would help with the lack of games.

AKR3132d ago

Excuse me? Lack of what?

Pfft. That line ended last year summer, dude. :P

mcstorm3132d ago

@ricochetmg if you said 3rd party games then maybe but the wiiu line up is impressive now. In fact I own more wiiu games than Xbox one games.

Love to see waverace and fzero on the wiiu they souls look amazing.

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