PS3 gets smashed on launch day

From the same attention whores that brought you (or .org, can't remember which), comes The launch came. A PS3 was purchased by donor dollars. And it got smashed. The site explains:

"We decided to take the whole smashing thing a little further, and destroy things right when they come out, in front of 100s of fanboys who would be quite upset to see their beloved game console smashed. I got nothing against Sony making money. This project only exists for the sole purpose of providing satisfaction to people who hate the PlayStation 3, or just like seeing the reaction of the people who just spend a day in line to get their hands on one of these consoles. Entertainment, nothing more!"

As Maximus once rhetorically asked: "Are ye not entertained??!!"

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THWIP4447d ago

...millions of Sony fanboys cry out with a collective "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" :o

PS3 Ultimate4447d ago

Whoever did that was the biggest idiot ever! Oh well, thats money in Sony's pocket! ^-^ Well, more than 5 360s were smashed at launch day as well! So hah!

360pluswiiequalsps34447d ago

sony loses money on every ps3 manufactured... ps3 20GB is worse

they generate more profit from games than consoles

joemutt4447d ago

Thats not money in Sonys pocket.

That is another console that will have a "0" game attatchment rate. Bringing Sonys already dismal .98 game attatchment rate even lower.

Lucidmantra4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

PS3 Ultimate ... You fail to see the spirit in which this stunt was done in. It was to arrouse the responce that you gave exactly. That people can get so hemmed up in a simple box of electronics so as to cry, or result to name calling about them smashing a PS3 they paid for, or any of the other things happening on both sides of the xbox/ps war. Get over yourself and get over it... the fact is it is a box of plastic, metal and silicone. Move on with your life. That is the reason why people get mugged and shot over a damn console. Rise above my friend.

Capt CHAOS4446d ago

Yes, exactly. People seem to forget it's all for fun!!

I laughed when they did the 360 a year back and I'm laughing now. Lol, look forward to a wii smash up too!!

Ironically, when they smash up a console - It's like they are being sponsored by the manufacturer to do it, as the consoles are selling for a loss!!
(perhaps the Wii won't though)

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2tired2day2hate4447d ago

i hate sony but that is a sh*tty thing to do

TheMART4447d ago

The only good thing to do with a PS3

Bill Nye4447d ago

You do realize they did this with the 360, too, yes?

JIN KAZAMA4447d ago

now, it has the functionality of the 360.

FordGTGuy4447d ago

have the bubbles of a sh*t throwing monkey flying out of a mans as*

TheMART4447d ago

So you would get something like Gears of War on your Bottleneck 3?

That would actually be a good thing if it get up the level of the 360 by beating it up!

Beat it up French Kinggirl

mephixto4447d ago

Good one, very funny hahahaha!!!

BlackCountryBob4447d ago

Congratulations to whoever did this, you have just ruined Christmas for someone, hope you feel proud!

death monk4447d ago

I forgot that Christmas was all about material goods and has nothing to do with spending time with your family, or if you're religious, celebrating the birth of Christ. My bad.

Lucidmantra4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )


Lucidmantra4447d ago

He didn't ruin anyones Christmas they had the same chance at a preorder as everyone else did. Stop being such a bleeding heart.

BlackCountryBob4446d ago

What I was trying to say was that someone else who wanted one of the few PS3 consoles available would have taken this home and been incredibly happy with it or given it a child for xmas and it would have made their year but instead a bunch of idiots took an incredibly expensive and highly sought after device (bought from donations, my god, there are really that many morons out there who consider it to be a just activity to spend money and a worthwhile cause! Jesus Christ if you have a little cash lying spare give it to Oxfam instaed, that IS a worthwhile destination for your money.) and smashed it into pieces for the purpose of "providing satisfaction to people who hate the PlayStation 3" My god, hate is irrational at the best of times and most people who confess to hating are complete buffoons but to hate a piece of electronic equipment is just another step deeper into lunacy! this is nothing to do with being a "bleeding heart" (whatever that is, gonna tell me I am a communist next?) this is about being a individual with the brain power present to offer the simple observation of: the people responsible for this are morons and so are the people who gave them the money to carry out this act are just as slack jawed! Is this seriously the pinnacle of human society? I don't think so, its scraping the urinal of Hades!

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