Did Xbox One's eSRAM Pose A Challenge To Battlefield Hardline Dev? 'Absolutely Not'

"It seems that developers are finally coming to terms with Xbox One's eSRAM, albeit a bit slowly. Not long ago we reported that Visceral Games will be pushing the Xbox One version of Battlefield Hardline for 1080p and 60fps, but given that that eSRAM is too small for 1080p will they achieve it?"

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Double Toasted3134d ago

It did for all the armchair devs, most of which frequent n4g religiously.

DeadRabbits3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I agree!!! As an outside observer I have heard nothing but negative reports about the xbones architecture so on balance that has led me to the conclusion that the PS4 is my console of choice!

At the end of the day you can squeeze a pig into a pretty dress as much as you want but you still would not want to bring it home to momma!

Volkama3134d ago

I... don't think that's what he was saying. At all.

Also, have you ever tried to squeeze a pig into a pretty dress? They are stronger than you might guess.

stiggs3134d ago


Right over your head.

GameNameFame3134d ago

Lol arm chair devs? How about real devs who said esram is problem.

In xbox fanboys world, the real devs who said negatives dont exist? Even though they are far more out numbering them.

Also, even if esram isnt the major contributor x1 lacks power in general. Not like esram was only weak link.

cyclindk3134d ago

What if mama likes bacon?

The_Hero3134d ago

Of course.
This game looks very last gen.
Expect 1080p on both PS4 and Xbox One.
But it won't look as good as BF4.
It'd be bad if this game doesn't work online like BF4.

TheRedButterfly3134d ago

@ 1.1.3

The majority of devs I've seen say that the eSRAM is the issue are the guys coming from the outside. Mostly the NaughtyDog guys - who have absolutely nothing to do with the XO's custom hardware.

Sure, maybe they know something about eSRAM in general - maybe even from personal experience - but they have no clue what they're talking about regarding using it on the XO, so they need to keep their mouthes shut.

The majority devs who we've seen talk negatively about the XO's are the ones who aren't for it.

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bicfitness3134d ago

BF: HL is 900p in the Playstation 4 beta. A reasonable amount of skepticism is necessary when told that it will somehow hit 1080p/ 60 on weaker hardware. I guarantee you that they miss the mark in either resolution of FPS. Or just look towards the recent Sniper game to see what 1080p costs you in terms of effects and performance on the X1.

I don't know how some of you folk don't suffocate on your own rhetoric. If you want top performance for multiplats, get a PC. If you want decent performance, a PS4. Passable performance? An X1 is your best bet. That system of selection and eminence won't be changing until the next generation.

stuna13134d ago

Exactly! I can't count how many times we as gamers have been told game development is going smooth and all the right cords are being hit with no missteps, only to find out during pre-release, someone getting their hands on an early copy, broken embargo or, after retail release, that major obsticales were encountered, there have been servere downgrades along with a host of problems. This is not something exclusive to any platform in general either.

We've heard the same song and dance with major franchises the most, with Call of Duty, BattleField and, Assassins Creed being the worst offenders. My take is developers will promise a lot of things to sell a game! So stance will be, seeing is believing.

turdburgler10803134d ago

Hey hey your bleeding all over the floor.

BallsEye3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

What are you talking about? DF comparison was pre-patch on XO. Post patch comparisons of Sniper Elite actually give upper hand to XO in SOME aspects (framerate for example) making the versions quite equal. Go read up, stop making things up/reading stupid comparisons where 1 version is un-patched.

Killzone on ps4 had to render in 960x1080 multiplayer to achieve kind of 1080p. See what I did there? Both consoles have to do sacrifices. Both had downgrades in exclusives to run in higher res (which is in my opinion stupid, pixel quality is more important than quantity, else minecraft in 3k would be best looking game).

CernaML3133d ago

"Post patch comparisons of Sniper Elite actually give upper hand to XO in SOME aspects (framerate for example)"

LOL no

All the patch did was add a vsync option which LOCKED the framerate to 30fps to reduce tearing on the X1. PS4 version still manages to run at a MUCH higher framerate with ZERO tearing.

Ju3133d ago

KZ renders 2x960x1080 @ 60fps. Interleaved.

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Eonjay3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

You don't have to be a developer to see the differences.

It goes back to what some were saying before. Would you rather have 1080p or more details.

ThePope3134d ago

Haha nope you don't all you need is a screen shot oscillating back and forth quick enough hahahaha.

You're such a fool eon jay. So that's how you play games? Does that give you a headache? How do you ever finish games?

In some areas the X1 version looks better but I did see the comparison video and that screen tearing is unacceptable.

Eonjay3134d ago


Its a comparison. Images and videos are tools for comparison, not for playing actual games. They give you an idea of what to expect before you make a purchase. Welcome to the internet where you can use tangible evidence to make claims about performance.

In reference to x1 screen tearing, the patch that allows you to disable the v-sync reduces tearing tremendously but locks you in at 30.

uth113134d ago

All that shows me is there's a difference in lighting or maybe color settings between the two versions. I can't really say one looks better than the other.

dantesparda3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )


Seriously guy? You cant see the extra sharpness and detail on the ground and sandbags? Or how the rocks on the ground have better details /more polys due to better tessellation than the X1 version? How about how the shadows on your character being sharper on the PS4 version? If you cant see that, then your blind. Plus the PS4 version runs at a better framerate with no tearing, not to mention better anisotropic filtering and AO and highr res shadows.

ThePope3133d ago


My point is if the differences we're significant it wouldn't take those kind of comparison shots, in fact if you moved them any slower it would take even longer to tell the differences. I guarantee no one could tell the difference between the versions if they were to just watch someone play (the frame rate would be the only give away, though I'm referring to texture quality, draw distance, etc).

This has been my point the whole time, some gamers are like damn look at this massive screen shot, or this fast moving snap shot, the differences when stared at are HHHHUUUGGGGEEEEE! And that level of pure fanboyism my friend is annoying and stupid.

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Blaze9293134d ago

lol we still talking about this?

Not-A-Cat3134d ago

If it didn't pose a challenge to BF4 it will not have problems in Hardline, after all it's just a modded BF4.

CernaML3133d ago

How did it not pose a challenge in BF4? It ran at 720p on the x1!

assdan3134d ago

The problem that I've been reading from essentially every dev is that 60mb is the minimum they can do for a 1080p frame buffer without having to get too creative. So yes, the xbox one will have 1080p games, they'll just have to lower everything else to the point where the game might actually look better in 900p.

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nicksetzer13134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I still want to see how MS's tiling system will help build framebuffers in eSRAM.

That said , as good as this game looks visually running 1080p 60fps on xb1 it is hard to believe they had NO problems with the ram. However if true that is great news for xb1.

Axios23134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Glad to see most developers becoming proficient with the tools

Funny to see these statements about ESRAM not being 1080p capable when all these are native 1080p

X1 native 1080p
Forza 5
Halo CA
Dying Light
Kinect Sports Rivals
Murdered Soul Suspect
Child of Light
The Lego Movie Videogame
Alien Isolation
Forza Horizon 2
Project Cars
Sniper Elite 3
The Crew

@ Gearskin

Only some cutscenes run at 900p, gamplay is 1080p

@ Bic-troll You're lying, show us your list

@ Bictroll 2, I name 24 and you name 12, you have a long way to go, maybe try digging into indie, lol. BTW BF4, KZ multiplayer, WatchDogs, CODG before patch, EA Sports UFC, The Order 1886, 6 just off the top of my head

@ D-riders, ok if you insist, let's compare 1080p last gen to this gen:

@ Zigercat, read Bic trolls comment more closely, he claimed 10 to 1 is non 1080p games, gone are the days when trolls used X720, those games are so few in number the goal post had to move for the trolls. I count 19, and TR does count as all the gameplay is 1080p, get over it

falviousuk3134d ago

Don't be ridiculous, of course the xbox one can't do 1080 in games, if you would go through the comments on all the anti Ms posts on here you will see all the evidence from the users on here that the console is totally incapable of doing the resolution.

That list above is obviously fake and there is probably some strange goings on internally to make it look like its achieving those resolutions, whereas in fact its not.

Its fact because the commenters on N4G say so.

GearSkiN3134d ago

I'm an Xbox fan but you're list is not right buddy

Tomb raider doesn't run 1080
Project Cars nobody knows
Dying light is the same way

Team_Litt3134d ago

Tomb Raider is 1080p though. It is just half the frame rate.

Ju3133d ago

Wolfenstein runs a dynamic 1920 line down to sub 1000 pixels.

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bicfitness3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

The list of games that ARE NOT 1080p on the X1 is about ten times as large as that. And as others have pointed out, there are errors in your list.

bicfitness3134d ago

Okay, "ten times" was clearly an exaggeration. The Xbone doesn't have that many games for such a sample, as we can see:

Battlefield, AC, MGS, PVZ, Ryse, Crimson Dragon, Trials Fusion, Watch Dogs, CoD: Ghosts, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, and more just off the top of my head. Its about 50/ 50, which is pathetic for technology designed for 2013. 1080p TV penetration was over 50% in 2011, so these manufacturers knew what the standard was.

Bennibop3134d ago

Check out to see how well Xbox one handles 1080p!

CJDUNCAN3134d ago

To be fair, some of those games aren't even released yet. They may promise 1080p but we know how that goes.

MasterCornholio3134d ago

I think its just better to be honest and produce a list that contains the resolution of all games on the Xbox One and the PS4.

The Xbox One is capable of outputting 1080P games but it isn't as capable outputting 1080P games as the PS4 is.

Just thought it might be nice to have a fair list because you can see which games are sub 1080P on both systems.

CloudRap3134d ago

It isnt a huge difference I own both and BF4 looked fantastic on both despite the resolution difference. To a gamer it really shouldnt matter your not sitting there stariing at the textures on car tires because if you are you arent playing the game right!

ShowGun9013133d ago

WOW, the full list is pretty one sided!

uth113134d ago

Nobody doubts that the Xbox One can do 1080p at all. It's can it do 1080p in resource demanding games.

Games like Minecraft, Skylanders, Child of Light, Rayman and Lego games are not particularly demanding and it better be able to do 1080p for those

MysticStrummer3134d ago

This game isn't pushing any graphical boundaries either.

Evilsnuggle3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Sometime I wonder about you xbonefanboys . Are you in such deep denial . Are you just confused or are you just lie in hopes of distorting the truth. We all know by now that the xbone has a entry level GPU and a very small cache of Esram . Xbone one has low bandwidth issues .Any one with common sense could see how xbone hardware could make it difficult to run next gen games in 1080p. Most game are sub full HD on xbone . The game that are 1080 are sport game , racing game or cross gen games. The developer of Hardline said they are trying for 1080p 60fps

Dying light was sub full HD on xbone at E3
Project cars resolution has not been announced on xbone
Sniper elite 3 run horrible on xbone
Both Dying light and Project cars have been shown running 1080p 60fps on PS4

Please stop beating a dead horse
Killzone mp is any full 1080p 60fps it used a different technique temporal reprojection .

D-riders3134d ago

None if those games are really complez. It's like these games can run at 1080p natively but they are pretty simple games. Racing games ran 1080p 6fps last Gen

coolbeans3133d ago

"Racing games ran 1080p 6fps last Gen"

Maybe Pixar's Cars games, but nothing else I can remember.

thejigisup3134d ago

Wtf, cutscenes running at 900 and gameplay at 1080? That's news to me, albeit awful and funny news.

DigitalRaptor3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Stop being foolish.

You listed indie games, cross-gen games and games that don't take specific advantage of next-gen hardware.

ziggurcat3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )


First of all, you can't count tomb raider or wolfenstein because they're not 1080p all the way through. That, and not all of the Halo master collection is 1080p.

Here's your requested list;

Xbone: 17
PS4: 40 (I left killzone out in the interest of fairness)

10x as much was obviously an exaggeration, but it's close to a 3:1 ratio.

ziggurcat3134d ago


"@ Zigercat, read Bic trolls comment more closely, he claimed 10 to 1 is non 1080p games, gone are the days when trolls used X720, those games are so few in number the goal post had to move for the trolls. I count 19, and TR does count as all the gameplay is 1080p, get over it"

either way, it's an exaggeration (that he even admits).

and no, it's not 19. you can't count tomb raider or wolfenstein because the resolution drops in both of those on xbone, which actually makes it 17.

and oh, the irony of a troll saying that the goalposts had to move for trolls after moving the goalposts himself...

assdan3134d ago

Yep, tomb raider is definitely 1080p (lots of speculation that it's not). But if it is, it commonly drops below 30 all the way down to 24. And everyone whose played both versions say that it looks blurier than the ps4 version (a sign that it's lower res). Sports game aren't typically very difficult to run. And indie devs rarely utilize a console's full power.

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josephayal3134d ago

eSRAM meh! it is clear for me that in terms of Graphics hardware Xbox One has a big edge, Ryse is arguably the best-looking next gen game ever

Hellsvacancy3134d ago

"arguably" er..... no, opinion? yes, yours

n4rc3134d ago

He said arguably. That means his opinion.

And you can argue it fairly well.. Its certainly one of the best looking games

Bennibop3134d ago

Ryse also has one of the worst frame rates of any new gen game so far.

GW2123134d ago

I try not to get involved in this console war weirdness, but I feel the need to comment when someone says something incorrect and/or silly. You've done both.

1) XB1 is behind PS4 in the graphics department. Everyone (even the creepy XB1 trolls) has come to grips with the fact that PS4 outperforms XB1 consistently on the graphics front. I own both and agree that's the case. It's not by a lot, but it is noticeable.

2) Infamous: SS looks materially better than Ryse. I own (and still play) both and can say that Infamous outclasses it in every way except facial animation.

Again, it's ok. It's not a huge deal that PS4 is the console graphics leader. I promise you'll live and you'll enjoy your XB1 just as much.

thejigisup3134d ago

Bubs for you. Regardless of what system you have the devs will become much more proficient with eSram and pump out good looking games. Sony actually had the edge here in hardware hands down. There's tons of evidence proving this and its no longer worth debating. Ryse looks good but imo plays like crap, still enjoyable I can guarantee that if the devs had a chance to completely remake that game it would be leagues above the original, however if the game was made exclusively for the ps4 it would more than likely outshine the competition.

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