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Munkimatt says; "Next in the line of ‘Matt reviewing a reboot of a famous game series which he’s never played’ we have Strider, originally released as an arcade game in 1989 before making its way to a raft of home consoles. A reboot was originally planned back in 2009 by the studio Grin but the studio went bankrupt and the plug was later pulled by Capcom. Double Helix were later handed the reigns for a reboot by Capcom and was released in 2013 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The finished product is what we’re reviewing here, just in time for its debut on PlayStation Plus."

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Dudebro901588d ago

That review had no reason to score this a 6.

Inconsistent check points, and lackluster story in a $15 downloadable game = 6/10?


rdgneoz31588d ago

Yep, not the best story or plot of a game, but it's a side scrolling hack and slash. The gameplay is fun, though I would have made a few minor tweaks. I'd probably say it's worth a 7.5 or so, good bang for your buck but nothing extraordinary.

The Meerkat1588d ago

I liked it and feel that its one of the best games that has been offered on PS+ for the PS4.
The gameplay was nice and smooth, the 60fps really works.

But why can't Capcom write a story?
The entire story is this: Evil three headed dragon man from space who likes robot security builds a city where everything looks nice and tidy. Then a metrosexual ninja in a onesie goes to kill him with a cool plasma sword. The End.

After completing it all I longed for was a next gen side scrolling Castlevania or Shadow Complex 2.