Half-Life 3 Kickstarter Launched. Cancelled.

Greg Micek writes: "Wednesdays are usually the day of the week that we see biggest Kickstarter campaigns launched. People are well into their work week, bored with the grind, and ready to donate some money; or so the theory goes. This week is no different; it’s already seen the launch of a Half Life 3 Kickstarter campaign. Did you miss it? That’s because it’s already been cancelled."

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MasterCornholio2538d ago

Half Life 3 confirmed!!!

Oh wait........

SteamPowered2538d ago

How the hell would they get a kickstarter for a game that already has an owner for the rights? Think Valve would sit out while someone else drafted HL3? Probably not...

Testfire2538d ago

I would think this was meant to be more of a statement to Valve than anything.

SteamPowered2538d ago

Sounds more like playing with fire.

Avernus2538d ago

Why would Valve need a kickstarter program? -___-

ATi_Elite2538d ago

Steam Sales are Valve's Kickstarter program lol

Valve has enough cash to start manufacturing Spaceships!

SpiralTear2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

" valve seem set on not re-creating a half life 3 then we are looking to steal the market for this ourselves."

This would've been more hilarious if this guy wasn't actually asking for money to fund this fake thing. Ah well. Cancelled.

gazgriff2k122538d ago

we should forget about half life and boycott it if it ever is released for valve's handling of the game so arrogant

Pandamobile2538d ago

Please explain to us all how you came to believe that Valve's handling of HL3 is "arrogant".

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The story is too old to be commented.