20 PS3 Titles from Take-Two

New York-based Take-Two today revealed that it currently has 20 games in development for the PlayStation 3, including more than seven titles from Grand Theft Auto house Rockstar Games.

The publisher confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV will arrive on PS3 on October 16, 2007 in North America (the game is set for simultaneous release on Xbox 360). Rockstar's releases also include the Team Bondi-developed crime thriller L.A. Noire and forthcoming "extensions of blockbuster Rockstar Games franchises."

In addition, over eleven titles are in development from the publisher's 2K and 2K Sports divisions. NBA 2K7 and NHL 2K7 are day one launch titles, while College Hoops 2K7, Major League Baseball 2K7, The Darkness, The BIGS, NBA 2K8 and NHL 2K8 are a few other 2K titles that will be hitting Sony's next-gen platform.

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marcusfenix5328d ago

They forgot those games were coming to the 360 too!!!

FordGTGuy5328d ago

I like how they had the tine (it will be released for the 360 to) hidden in the article lol

THWIP5328d ago

“We applaud Sony for helping raise the bar in the next generation of gaming,” said Paul Eibeler, Take-Two’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “As the hardware transitions to the next generation, Take-Two is working hard to position itself to emerge as a leading next generation publisher, with our focus on delivering quality titles and harnessing technologies like Sony’s cell processors and blu-ray storage capacity, as well as its proprietary SIXAXIS wireless controller. We’re not asking gamers to wait until we can evolve into the technologies. From day-one, our development team will astonish gamers with the fullest, deepest and most entertaining titles on the market.”

All that Sony-paid fluff...and yet not ONE SINGLE EXCLUSIVE on the slate for the PS3. This article SHOULD be titled 'Take-Two announces 20 games in development for PS3 and 360'

THWIP5328d ago (Edited 5328d ago )

...most consumers wouldn't realize that. :o

kingboy5327d ago

No the sad thing is u spend all your life complaining and u boring us with it.

THWIP5327d ago

1.) Who the f*** are you?
2.) What the f*** are you talking about?
3.) Take your Sony fanboy-ass out of here, and leave your stupid comments out of conversations you don't understand.

BIadestarX5327d ago

Soon all the kiss a** process will be over. The samething happen when the XBox 360 came out. 3rd party developers are required to kiss it when a game console is launched. They have to do this to show support. If this was a 360 even they would say the same. Soon, it will be all about the games.

THWIP5327d ago

...and the 360 is winning by a landslide. Sony spent so much $$ and effort working on Blu-Ray, Cell, and telling lies to try and take away from the 360, that they lost sight of what was important. Gamers and devs alike have noticed this, and so there's been a tremendous shift from Sony's dominance last-gen.

Phytonadione5327d ago

I'm not sure if you heard yet but, the PS3 was just released in the U.S. today. I remember similiar comments from diehard Dreamcast's not about what we core gamers know, it's about how the general public perceives it (and yes, the lies that Sony keeps on spinning in regards to the PS3's capabilities will probably never fully be disclosed to the general public).