Why Street Fighter X Tekken failed.

With Capcom’s two big-name franchises headlining EVO 2014 aka the world’s biggest and most prestigious fighting game tournament this weekend, you may have noticed their other ‘experiment’ has been omitted this year, swept under the rug like a dirty secret and probably never to be seen again at a major tournament. So, just what the hell happened to Street Fighter X Tekken?

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randomass1713134d ago

I'm glad this brought up all of the lousy DLC choices in this game. I remember that really burned up a lot of people and rightfully so. Capcom is one of the few developers who can really screw up a game without making its gameplay bad.

maniacmayhem3134d ago

This is exactly why this game failed. As soon as I started playing it and found most users were using the auto-tech throw gem I immediately turned the game off and sent it back to Gamefly.

It really is a shame that the first game featuring these two legendary fighters turned out to be a noob fest.

Maybe Namco can get it right when they release their version.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7773134d ago

2 things i don't like about this game! the stupid gem system crap and 10 stages.
10 stages in a fighting game with 42+ characters? really? really? 10 stages?
this game was horrible! i didn't mind the characters, but that short stage lineup and that gem system killed it for me. Terrible game capcom.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante3133d ago

It failed because street fighter is garbage. I hope they cancel Tekken x street fighter and just focus on Tekken 7.

hkgamer3133d ago

im pretty sure it was cancelled a few years back

Mr Marvel3133d ago

Tekken is garbage, that's why it failed.

3133d ago
Savsky3132d ago

Street Fighter has a great fighting system, no doubt. But the characters in Street Fighter are so dumb and cheesy. There's not a single cool looking character in the entire roster. That's why I like Tekken, simply because the roster has better characters. Plus, I like the fighting more too.

pompombrum3133d ago

It's a shame really, take the gems out and attempt to turn a blind eye to the DLC crap Capcom pulled, there was some really interesting mechanics in the game. I thought they done a fantastic job trying to inject some Tekken into the Street Fighter series.

hkgamer3133d ago

it was an ok game. i think most people were expecting something more creative from the tekken characters. in a sense they were just too cut and paste for me.

i only played a couple of hours on my vita so i dont know about every tekken characters.

Tetsujin3133d ago

Rival Schools that came out in 1998 was better than SF vs Tekken, and I do agree the DLC was a bit stupid especially with the whole gem setup. I remember buying the version with the Arcade Machine money bank, kept the arcade machine and sold the game the same day (couldn't return it but got $60 out of the $70 paid).

If it was Capcom from the 90s that game would have easily been legendary, or at least under some sort of new technology when it comes to fighting games.

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