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"Hands down for Assassin’s Creed this year, Again! These French (European and Asian too) developers are really working on their games for years before its release date. The more respectful thing is that they are constantly think about new ideas to implement in the game and make the great experience amazing!" - Gamerspost

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TheButtonMasher3135d ago

I've been waiting for something like this since AC2. Italy felt so authentic. 3 and 4 had some good things, but they never sucked me into their world like 2 did. I think this game could do that again.

Kryptonite42O3135d ago

I know most people might disagree, but I found ACBF the most enjoyable. I suppose anyone who didn't like the ship aspect would disagree with me though

TheButtonMasher3134d ago

I loved Black Flag. I will feel naked without a ship this time around, but I'm ready to go back to the roots of AC - dense cities with plenty of rooftop running. Free running seemed to be very discouraged in 3 and BF.