3 Exceptionally Terrifying Games

MWEB GameZone writes: " Three exceptionally terrifying games you probably don't know about.

You have been warned."

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bouzebbal3134d ago

Siren: Blood Curse on PS3 gave me the creep! i played lots of survivals and this is the only one that i think has some very stressful moments.

bouzebbal3134d ago

yes. it didn't catch me...
Siren, Haunting Ground are some of the not too famous survivals that i enjoyed.

InMyOpinion3134d ago

Yeah. I remember Fatal Frame also. That one made me jump! :)

Adrian_v013134d ago

Fatal Frame and Silent Hill 1-3 did it to me. I don't like horror games full of jump scares. The thrill doesn't last very long. I like when the game makes you think about it even when you stop playing it.

Kinger89383134d ago

I have been thinking about retrying this! Wonder if its aged well! I played it back when it came out but only the first few episodes!

Hellsvacancy3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

One of very few games that made me jump out of my skin

REALLY made me jump, I remember dropping my ash tray that was sitting on my crotch area, I was proper baked at the time, real lazed out on my sofa, then that happened

I even went to bed with the lights on in every room

Why haven't me had a C3 yet?

TWB3134d ago

SCP:CB is awesome, its one of the few games that actually make me scared.