BF Hardline Developers thanks Beta Testers - Visceral attempt to seduce deceived gamers?

CanadianGamer writes: Battlefield Hardline Beta testers got a little surprise in their mailbox today as Visceral Games VP Steve Papoutsis sent them a big thank you for participating in their Closed Beta.

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Pandamobile3137d ago

"Is Visceral admitting the game needs further work?"

What the hell kind of headline is this? It's a beta, of course it's in need of more work...

TankCrossing3136d ago

And it is fairly standard practice to send an email out thanking all the beta testers.

If each one was personally composed by the CEO then it'd be news worthy, but a standard bulk "thanks and we hope you buy the game" really doesn't register as interesting.

Hk85karlsson3136d ago

Haha the absolute most horrific comment I´ve read on N4G =)
A beta that needs more work.
-U must be crazy.

But...then again, we all now that a game that´s ready is a long lost memory.
Today, we´re all betatesters. It all depends on when/where we´re let in, in the dev cycle.

HollowedSoul143136d ago

games crap such a bf rip off has zero identity besides a reskinned bf. doesnt matter how much work they put into it its not going to be worth the price of a full game. all it is, is a bf4 expansion and thats it. even though compared to bf it looks worse and plays worse.....

Rob Hornecker3136d ago

After all the BS with bug plagued BF4 ,I want to know where my XB360 and XB Uno beta is?????

Once again i feel like i've been shafted !!!!

FalloutWanderer20773136d ago

You have been pal,look! you have some fresh poo dripping down your leg from the exit of their a$$ f**king! Those bastards!!!

HollowedSoul143136d ago

don't worry about it you're not missing out on anything. games just a regurgitated bf4, even looks and plays like vomit...dl'ded the pc beta played it and its garbage has zero identity its just an bf4 expansion pack. EA is a money grabbing joke.

ScottyHoss3135d ago

NGL, you didn't miss much :P a map with two game modes

Matt6663136d ago

I took part in the beta but I gt no email

mixelon3136d ago

The hell? Seduce? There was nothing even slightly sinister about a thankyou message for a beta of all things.. Crazy writing.

FalloutWanderer20773136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Well, that is you buddy! I for one had a strong sensation to disrobe and make love to my...HUH what were we talking about again!?

sAVAge_bEaST3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

maybe BF4, JUST might be playable, at the launch .. for BF.HardLine.

sick'ning, for the BFHard.Core. Elite?

wait @ least 6 months to a Year.


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The story is too old to be commented.