Konami admits PES 2014 was only 'half done', PES 2015 to release 'when it's ready'

Konami has admitted that its focus on visuals for last year's PES 2014 damaged the final product, leading to a game that was only "half done" and "extremely unhappy" fan feedback.

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Geobros3135d ago

Every year the same thing by Konami...

UltimateMaster3135d ago

Konami admits PES 2014 was only 'half done', PES 2015 to release 'when it's ready'

Huhh, it's a sports game.
It's not like they're going to delay it until 2016..
They have one year to get it right.

3-4-53135d ago

Less features in PES 2014 than normal, you can tell, but the gameplay is by far the best I've ever played for a soccer game.

I'm in my 5th season and I'm still seeing goals, and touches,tricks& animations that are ALL NEW.

Never had 2 games even close to similar either, & the ball physics is the best it's ever been in any sports games.

They got a lot right here, but in return, they cut a lot of meat from the Manager Mode, which was missed.

Training young talent was more difficult than ever and it taking 4-6 years from players to improve 4-5 points is just stupid.

Other than that, I LOVE this game.

Can't wait for PES 2015.

3-4-53135d ago

Yea because Donkey Kong Country games are all so different right? c'mon grumpy

Geobros3135d ago

I am playing Konami football games from the Arcade era and I am still playing, I appreciate Pro Evoltuion series but I don't find the so good today as the first 4 games of the series on PS2. I think Konami followed Fifa road...

scotmacb3135d ago

They should of just tweaked pes 2013 awesome game and it looked better than 2014.pes2013 with next gen gfx's please

gamernova3135d ago

That's why I stick to FIFA.

iistuii3135d ago

Yep me too. My PES days died along with the last decent game they released in PES6. Fifa took over whist they stood still & they have been getting a kicking ever since.

kiwipunk3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

what visuals?

smolinsk3135d ago

Yes pes 2013 was great, totally they should just have used 2013 as a guideline for 2014 and 2015, how can you trust konami now, same thing year after year, they say allot of fancy words and then its just worse

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The story is too old to be commented.