GRID Autosport Visual Analysis: Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs PC

Old console glory or just a sloppy job?

codemasters have constantly set new benchmarks for racing games with GRID. As much as they were different in their portrayal of a racing game, so have they striven to provide apt visuals for their games. Their newest title is in the market now, but have they really hit the bull’s eye with this one? Not quite, but neither have they missed it by a lot.
GRID Autosport was released on the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC not long back and since has been the centre of attention for enthusiast racing genre gamers, for a variety of reasons. I’ll save the best of the lot for the last; starting with the older generation of consoles, it seems the Xbox 360 takes the lead somewhat.

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PeaSFor3436d ago

a new pc vs 9years old consoles?

ok then, are you excpecting the pc version to look worst?

vishmarx3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

best way to market a game these days lol.
hundreds of articles go unnoticed but people make sure to comment on the comparison videos of even the most obscure games.
if i were making an exclusive id just paste 2 same videos parallely and there would be great disparity to be found

Volkama3436d ago

Haven't you heard? Microsoft have a parity clause that says every version has to look like the 360 version. It plagued the whole of the previous generation, so the PC version is not allowed to look better. Don't even get me started on how good the PS3 version would look if not for such under-handed restrictions. 120fps 4D glory, snatched away by Microgreedy.

WobbuffetMC3436d ago

On a basis of visuals, i don't think comparing between consoles and PC's is really an issue, considering the only things that are really rendered in the game are the cars and the track. Not really going to see flowers on the ground or the high-rez grass textures going a million miles per hour, so it really wouldn't make sense to do that. Just my opinion.

windblowsagain3436d ago

I have it on PC. it isn't breathtaking. But looks decent. There are better looking racing games out and better looking one coming out. But it's got alot of content and runs smoothly.

OrangePowerz3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

While I like the game, the far camera angle cockpit view is useless because of how cheap they made the interior and trying to mask it with high deepth of field blur.

FlameWater3435d ago

My spidey senses told me not to buy it,code masters said they would bring back cockpit view and they put out some blured low res bs. ripoff, how well is codemasters doing anyways?


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CorndogBurglar1150d ago

I've been playing Battlechasers: Nightwar on my phone and its a really good port. I'm really enjoying it.