Could Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Xbox One, PS4 Parity Turn Into A Trend?

One Angry Gamer "Have you heard the news? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Activision and Sledgehammer Games is supposedly aiming for parity across all platforms that the game will be made available on. This is great news, right? Right? Wrong."

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thorstein1663d ago

Looking forward to Homefront: The Revolution. Hopefully Crytek won't shy away from graphics. At least, that was always what they staked their reputation on.

Chimichanga1663d ago

Is that game even going to be released? I thought Crytek was possibly going bankrupt.

NewMonday1663d ago

Looks like MS is doubling down on the parity claus and the attack on consumers, they will simply never change and that is why they will never win gamers trust.

Imalwaysright1663d ago

PS4 outperformed the X1 in several titles but the 3rd party publisher that has one of the most popular franchises that sell on name alone are the ones feeling the "heat" of MS parity clause? Yeah seems about right...

Darkstares1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

According to NewMonday the PS4 is going to be holding back the PC version. Oh wait, he somehow thinks the XB1 is at fault here even though the COD Advanced Warfare is also coming to the PS3 and XB360.

Wow, some Sony fans love to read way to much into things because they hate Microsoft. Did the XB1 have the same resolution as the PS4 in last years game? No, so why would they hold back because of the XB1 now? If anything they know the XB1 system much more so if it becomes closer to how the PS4 game runs and looks it's because of them getting more out of the system and namely being able to gain that extra 10% reserve that was being held by Kinect.

Most of these multipolat games also come out on PC which can run and look better, so why isn't the XB1 or PS4 being talked about for possibility holding the PC version back? Oh that's right, some PS4 fans only seem to concentrate all of there efforts on the XB1.

KinjoTakemura1663d ago


This article has nothing to do with Microsoft's console parity clause. The developer is trying to develop games in equal resolutions and frame rates for every platform COD Advanced Warfare is going to be on. I'm not trying to attack you or anything, but I think you've made a mistake.

badz1491663d ago

of the parity is at 1080p60fps, who cares? but any lesser, then something is definitely not right.

XisThatKid1663d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond, Just to let you know Sledgehammer has outsourced for another Dev to work on PS3 and 360 I hope you knew that dude. Their doing this to focus only on PS4 X1 and PC versions

Chriscrinkle181662d ago

Think I saw somewhere that cryteknuk has stopped working on it for now.

dantesparda1662d ago

Why do all MS fanboys act like the 10% given back by Kinect is big/somehow make a difference for the X1 but downplayed the 50% power advantage of the PS4? So in their minds the PS4 having a 50% power advantage means nothing/doesnt mean much, but a 10% boost to X1 is some how big and means the difference between 720/900p to 1080p. The fanboyism is so stupid here its not even funny.

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AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago

"Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Activision and Sledgehammer Games is supposedly aiming for parity across all platforms that the game will be made available on."

Across ALL platforms. The only thing we need to worry about is how PS4 and X1 versions will look.

joab7771663d ago

True and my guess is a 1080/920 final version...with ps4 coming in at native 1080.

It would really b interesting if they actually dumbed down the ps4. But they wont. They will take MS' s money and make the better looking version for ps4. They see the numbers and they know how well it sells on playstation.

AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago

@Joab I agree.

1080p on PS4 and 900p on X1.

Also agree there's no way in hell Sledge Hammer or any dev at that would gimp PS4 version.

I remember last year around this time it was rumored devs would gimp PS4 versions of multiplats to match X1.

It hasn't happen at all so far this year why would it happen suddenly now?

Eonjay1663d ago


One would think. I want to see all platforms respected as different machines and maximized as such.

Magicite1663d ago

wanna say that even ps3/x360 will have same resolution/fps as ps4/x1?

mafiahajeri1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

"The game is on PS3 and 360 which could diminish the quality of PS4 and X1 versions just like how Watch Dogs was. "

Wrong! Unlike Watch Dogs The last gen versions are being developed by a different dev High-moon studios (former transformers devs) so there should be no excuse with current gen games getting gimped because of last gen.

And dont tell me they meant parity as in current and last gen versions!

snookiegamer1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )


I gotta give you credit. You don't take no shhh and you're not afraid to call out people you believe are trolling.

But if I were you, I wouldn't waste good energy on bad. It's super frustrating trying to make some of these idiots accept basic common sense.

Not calling out anyone in particular, but get a grip...gaming is supposed to be fun.

Kavorklestein1662d ago

Sometimes I think... What if devs try to have parity so people focus on the GAME, and how much fun it is, or isn't. So gamers unite and have meaningful discussions about the games, instead of bickering about framerates and resolutions, or which looks better, even tho they typically PLAY the SAME?

I mean, yeah give the PS4 credit, if it ends up looking better on the PS4 then sweet! Good for you guys!

If it looks the same on both, then Sweet! Good For Everyone!
Stop crying that you didn't get two less jaggies on a character's elbow or shoulder, stop bitching that parity MIGHT make you PS4 version have 3 extra jaggies on a distant window frame.

Stop getting so upset over the small picture, and focus on the big picture... It's new, it's fun, and you can enjoy it, and millions of others can too. That's the whole point of gaming, TBH.

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user14394141663d ago

I own the PS4 version and the Xbox One version of Ghosts and altho the PS4 version of Ghosts looked much much better I did find a little bit of frame rate issues sometimes during multiplayer. I think it is due to bad coding of the game and developers rushing to pushing it for higher resolution and im guessing it was much worse on the Xbox One before they downgraded the resolution. I would have preferred to have the game looking a little worse and running smooth especially for a twitch shooter like call of duty on next gen consoles, i believe his was a big mistake that IW made with Ghosts. :)

SilentNegotiator1663d ago

Sure you bought both versions of the game. That makes loads of sense.

Oagoz1663d ago

Considering they patched FPS problems on PS4 4 months ago, I don't believe your statement in the slightest.

Whitey2k1663d ago

I just I let u know cod ghosts didnt have frame rate problems on ps4 the actual cause was that it was running more then 60fps

n4rc1663d ago

Like I'd believe you own a x1.. Lol

Volkama1663d ago

White2k and your 19 agree buddies, you really think that is something to pull out the epeen for? it had frame timing problems. It stuttered and jerked. The reason for it is of little consequence, it's just plain bad.

They made an even bigger mess of the PC version. Ghosts was just awful in general.

manchesterman221663d ago

you kids make me laugh, why cant someone own both machines and the same game on both i know i do, me and my workmate account share on both ps4 and xbox one so we have the same games on both consoles. i love both machines but in my opinion xbox is and always will be better online (im sure some silly fanboys will disagree now) so i find myself using it a lot more than my ps4 because i like social play, i dont really care that much about graphics because to be truthful there is NOT a whole lot of difference but one big difference is the fact that a lot of the multiplat games i have played on the ps4 seem to suffer from the odd frame rate issue and i believe that this is due to forced 1080p just so that sony can ram it down gullible peoples throats that their machine is better, this whole resolution thing is really starting to piss a lot of people off does it matter what console someone owns? people have preferences choices and opinions.

Reaper29r1662d ago

MrTehDiNGO I agree man.When Ghosts came out a lot of review sites were saying the same thing. I thought it was bs until I traded Ghosts and BF 4 on XB1 for PS4 (my main wingman went PS4) when gamestop had this trade to your platform of choice for half off deal. They ran smoother on my X1 though they looked a lot fuzzier with more jaggies. Just tried the Thief demo on X1 too, runs smoother than my PS4 version most of the time also. Though for BF and Ghosts I think it was crap coding for the PS4, where as Thief I think they should have stuck to 900p. Also forget these guys, most are mad they can't afford both systems. I have some of current gen and last gen games for both MS and Sony consoles as I have friends on both that I enjoy playing with. To the rest of you, get a better job or if that's just your preference quit being D bags for no reason and just enjoy your system.

LonDonE1662d ago

@Volkama and @MrTehDiNGO
Guys ignore the keyboard warriors on N4G who deny EVERYTHING!! i have cod ghosts on PS4 and IT IS A MESS!!! Werther the frame rate stuttering is due to fps drops or because as eurogamer pointed out due to the PS4 rendering the game above 60fps and so causing frame timing problems is besides the point! the game is a mess! that's the bottom line! and its a mess on ALL PLATFORMS!!

Seriously i am not a biased liar, look at my profile and avatar pic i own all the platforms! and trust me when i tell you cod ghosts after EVERY PATCH IS STILL DISGUSTING ON PS4!!!!!
on multi player the frame rate goes to shit near enough every time you really need it to remain stable, its irrelevant why its doing it, the point is that is is a mess! i would much more preferred them to make it better optimised with no frame rate problems since a online twitch shooter is garbage without a stable 60fps!!!!

The game does look substantially better on PS4 though while i have it on PS4 my brother has it on his X1 and i have played it, but i will say the X1 version has a more stable frame rate make of that what you will!!

quote from digital foundry

"Moving onto online multiplayer, this aspect of the game appears to be more stable across both consoles. There are no dramatic set-pieces on offer here, and the showcase environmental destruction takes a back seat to more static locations where players create their own spectacle in the form of well-placed head shots and sneaky close quarters melee takedowns. In fact, we didn't notice any obvious drops in frame-rate at all where the Xbox One version of the game is concerned, with the solid 60fps update producing smooth, judder-free gameplay and crisp controls.

The experience isn't quite as consistent on the PS4, with short bouts of slowdown and judder sometimes cropping up throughout matches due to the appearance of torn and dropped frames. While the judder this causes is distracting at times, the effects appear to be reduced over the pre-patched version of the game, so these issues never completely ruin the overall flow of play even though they're annoying. On the plus side, it's much easier to pick out distant targets on the PS4 due to the native 1080p presentation, where fine details are better resolved compared to the Xbox One's lower-resolution image".

So there you have it, plain and simple! that's for all the disagreeing idiots.
The game has frame rate problems and screen tearing on PS4, yes the resolution is better but for a game like this i would gladly take a more stable fps!!
Its not like the PS4 cant handle this game its just not optimised well just like the PC version!

dantesparda1662d ago

I like how all you guys saying the X1 version has a better framerate, dont mention a thing about the driver that made the framerate drop on the X1 and has never been fixed.

king_ps41662d ago

Ps4 just dominates the xbox one in every way, the xbots are afraid to accept it.

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3-4-51663d ago

Parity clause only works in Microsoft's favor so long as the dev's and fans let them get away with it.

If I was COD Dev's I would turn the tables on Microsoft and call them out publicly for it.

They SHOULD say this:

* "COD will not be taking part in any parity clause so the PS4 version will feature better specs. If that matters to you, you should get the PS4 version as it's the optimal version of our game. "

^ " To fans of ours, Microsoft demands we lower the specs on the PS4 version to match the specs of the XB1 because the XB1 can't handle 1080p like PS4 can, if you want Microsoft to stop this, tell them so"

^ Do this Sledge or whoever is making this game.

Microsoft can do nothing about it then..

What...Is Microsoft going to say? " ok we won't be COD on our XB1 " ????

^ Let's see how many XB1 fans that pleases.

The Power and control is with the Dev's of COD to make this a NON-Issue. They just need to grow some nuggets.

k3rn3ll1662d ago

Yea cuz MS is the one that caused parity on games. Sony is to blame for what watch dogs was. They are the reason pc got gimped. Considering they had the giant multimillion dollar deal with Ubi and not MS

BitbyDeath1662d ago


What are you talking about? PS4 got gimped just like PC had. Lastgen consoles held back everything.

k3rn3ll1661d ago

No im talking about the reason why the assets and effects were still in pc game but not used. It only took a few lines of code to turn them on. So ur telling me that last gen caused that? Come on man. The dude returned the game to its previous version in one day. And there was even some effects in there that weren't shown in the previous build? And that gets left in there and not turned on because of last gen?

ZombieKiller1662d ago

It's just more marketing for sales. Just like dedicated servers with Ghosts. They'll say whatever they can to gain as much as possible.

My advice. Stop listening. Stop buying.

If you can't stop buying, then do research. If you have all the new consoles and want the best experience, digital foundry does good work at testing resolution and frame rate and so do a few other sites. Everyone made a stink about Ghosts being 720P on XB1 which is what that statement was about. They want to clear the air and make sure the doubts come AFTER sales. Not before.
My gamer friends, this is another company that will say what they need to, to get what they want. It's a sales tactic, TRUST ME I'M A SALES REP (Oxymoron anyone? lol). Not to say they aren't making good games, but all the little shit that us gamers care about (frame rate, resolution, DLC, etc, etc) comes COMPLETELY BEHIND sales. As much as I want to play AW, even after the crap that was Ghosts, I have to say I'll wait to see what everyone says about it first and not just the guys trying to sell me the game.

TAURUS-5551662d ago

the next COD in 720p ?...thanks xbox1

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corvusmd1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

As the gen goes on, we are seeing that there is less "need" for forced "parity". Honestly, I hope they don't go for forced parity because then X1 won't get TRUE dedicated servers.

Keep the development separate, and let each system play to their strengths. Either way, so far we see that it's already leaps and bound ahead of Ghosts.

WilliamUsher1663d ago

I actually agree with you.

Back in the 16 and 32-bit era there were a lot of games that were far and wide apart from each other because the system architecture was so different between the platforms.

While both the PS4 and Xbox One may share X86 arhitecture, both should be used to play up what strengths they do have.

If the PS4 can produce better graphics/visuals then they should let it. And if there's something that the Xbox One has that the other systems can't use, then they should add that feature in there.

Making everything the same across both systems aims to not only diminish the quality of the game but also the need to differentiate a purchase between both consoles (outside of exclusives, of course).

No_Limit1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

William Usher, I heard people called you a xbox hater from your site (cinemablend). IS there any truth to that or I am just imagining and you are a neutral gamer and posting this article because you are concern about the welfare of us gamers in getting the best possible gaming experience?

AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago

@Usher I agree.

I dunno if its quite that easy however.

The PS4 can produce better visuals than the Xbox because it hits 1080p much more often.

X1 had Kinect to differentiate the two when comparing multiplats. Some devs developed exclusive Kinect features.

Now the exclusives is what makes the two different. PS4 can produce unreal graphical games that can only be done on PS4.

X1 exclusives takes advantage of Smart Match and dedicated cloud servers (soon for other cloud uses) X1 exclusives still look pretty amazing graphically.

Parity means they both look, run and play very similarly.

In reality the two systems are just to similar to point out huge differences between the two.

WilliamUsher1663d ago


I hated Microsoft's policies and how they treated the game community. I'm glad Phil Spencer is in charge of the Xbox brand now. He's doing right by the community.

As for this article -- the concern is that gamers may be getting gimped, those who opt for the higher-end hardware. It may or may not happen.

This is also a pretty bad issue that plagues PC gaming often, with CoD: Ghosts being one of the worst ports released that year for PC. There's no way that a game like that should have been dropping frames and lagging on Titans in SLI.

Rimeskeem1663d ago

So if I'm hearing you right you are basically saying.

Let the consoles show each of their maximum strengths so that each console gets the best version of each game they can get.

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Speak_da_Truth1663d ago

If i may ask whats True dedicated servers?? and also whats False dedicated servers??? Please don't say "DA POWAH OF DA CLAWD"!!!!


Both the PS4 and X1 have dedicated servers for games not all games but the big ones. Microsoft has brainwashed people into believing that only Microsoft has dedicated servers which is blatantly false. As a matter of fact last gen there were more games running on dedicated servers on the PS3 than there were on the xbox 360 so this kind of BS propaganda needs to get with the times already because it's simply not true.

1663d ago
n4rc1663d ago

I would assume he's referring to the hybrid p2p setup ghosts is using..

DigitalRaptor1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Oh.. wow.

You're going there? Downplaying PS4's proven differences whilst promoting Xbone's practically non-existent ones.

The "parity" between the power of both consoles has been pretty evident, and continues. Developers have made use of stronger hardware to better results time and time again on PS4. Similarly, developers have had the opportunity to build "better experiences" on the Xbone through "dedicated servers". How many devs have utilised these servers out of the 50+ currently available games? Less than a handful. much less.

Why don't we talk about parity where its proven to exist?

AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@Digital Will you Chill I'm not downplaying anything.

Man don't ever talk about PlayStation in a different way around this guy, man.

Btw I was talking about dedicated servers on X1 games only, exclusive X1 games. Not third party considering they haven't touched cloud servers yet.

See your so quick to defend PS so damn fast you didn't read my comment right.

"Developers have made use of stronger hardware to better results time and time again on PS4."

What do you say about the games that both hit 1080p then?

Eejanaika1663d ago

Most likely if their making both versions the same its cause its cheaper.

Not cause one console is holding the other back.

Activision is a cheap company as well.

Milk franchise
do nothing more.

not cause one is more powerful then the other.

DigitalRaptor1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@ Angelic

Look at the comment tree. I wasn't responding to you when I mention "downplaying". It's CORVUSMD I'm responding to, because quite frankly, he's full of sh*t.

I hope you can understand that I think you are a very balanced gamer and commenter on this site, so I don't ever think I really need to criticise what you say very often if at all.

"See your so quick to defend PS so damn fast you didn't read my comment right."

LOL. I wasn't even responding to your comment.


"What do you say about the games that both hit 1080p then?"

Either they are cross-gen titles, indie games, or simply games that aren't what you would call "defining" of next-gen. A game can EASILY hit 1080p on both consoles if a developer is not adhering to the strengths of the one particular piece of hardware, and we both know which one i'm referring to.

Tedakin1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Every time a game is released the biggest issue is what's the resolution and framerate. It is more talked about than the game itself, and this is bad for devs. Watch Dogs and Tomb Raider are prime examples. Imagine working on a game for 5 years, spending 200 million dollars and when it comes out all anyone talks about is "Well, is it 1080p on Xbox?" People should focus on the GAME. Having parity causes people to do that.


Parity isn't good for anyone. Intentionally holding a platform back because the competition's platform holder cheaped out on gaming spec's isnt right or okay. I will vote with my wallet not to buy ANY game that forces this as should us all. Why should one set of gamers be held back by the competitions hardware? I bought the better hardware so I expect the better looking and running version. Everyone had a choice and could've chosen differently but theres no legit reason to punish the gamers who bought the better hardware. If you bought the inferior hardware thats your choice and I respect your choice but whether it was friends or eco system or whatever. When you bought EITHER platform you chose to sacrifice something. For the X1 it just happens to be the lesser game machine but again people had the choice so if a game can be better on the PS4 then thats what developers should aim for don't punish the 9 million PS4 players for the sake of 4.2-5.0 million X1 players.

AngelicIceDiamond1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@Ivie Interesting.

The game is on last gen as well its more worrying that both PS4 and X1 could get gimped through last gen.

Look at WD.

But lets look into your comment though.

From Deves: “Right, well you know we always strive for complete parity across all our platforms and you know this year will be no different,”

If COD was truly aiming for parity then ghost would be running in 720p on PS4 correct?

Some of you all act like the system is the strongest machine in the world and some how feel superior with out pointing out the massive difference PS4 has over everything else.

Answer this.

"Why should one set of gamers be held back by the competitions hardware?"

"Everyone had a choice and could've chosen differently but there's no legit reason to punish the gamers who bought the better hardware"

If the PS4 is being held back from achieve some unknown feat then what exactly would that be? What would be the outcome if the X1 wasn't supposedly holding it back?

And what would be the ultimate punishment?

And please answer.

Please answer I'm dying to know I ask this all the time and ppl run away and dodge the answer.

I mean it should be super easy to answer right?

Eejanaika1663d ago

watchdogs for example unfortanately on the PC

SilentNegotiator1663d ago

Watch Dogs' graphics were talked about because of the outrage involved in the downgrade, Tomb Raider because it was a remaster.

kneon1663d ago

If you talking about an exclusive then so long as the resolution and framerate are adequate then there is nothing to talk about. But when it's a multiplatform game then framerate and resolution are important as most people will want to buy the better version.

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MegaMohsi1663d ago

They key word is "aiming" for platform parity. I've heard this from developers before only to have the PS4 version end up being the better looking one so I won't hold my breath here. My prediction is 1080p for PS4, 900p for Xbone.