Will the Cloud take over Gaming?

Googlequake, 'So, as we all know Cloud gaming has over the years become more and more of a thing. We’ve heard nothing but ‘The power of the Cloud!’ from Microsoft and Playstation with them releasing PSNow. So the question is, will this be the death of retail games, and the novelty of actually owning the game in-hand? Well, right now we don’t really know. I personally hope it isn’t, for the reason that, I love actually going out and buying the game, and then placing it in my collection. But, how about everyone else?'

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n4rc1564d ago

I don't know... Maybe one day

Look at music now... Who actually buys CDs anymore? Its physical industry isn't quite dead but it fell off huge..

Many people still want a physical copy of whatever.. Don't see that changing for decades at least

AceBlazer131564d ago

No it shouldn't. If it's one thing that's certain is that these guys will rob you blind the moment you give them too much slack. So making cloud gaming the norm is like giving them 100% control on a solid gold plate.

KinjoTakemura1563d ago

Maybe 30 years from now when 50Mbps internet service is 40 bucks a month. Right now, nope.

chrissx1563d ago

No to that cloud should never take over gaming

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