Report: Destiny PvP Modes Revealed, Includes Skirmish, Rumble and More

Screen shot taken from a video reveals several modes

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Spinal1567d ago

I got my beta code ready. Loved alpha. This is my most anticipated game for my PS4 this year. Then its GTA 5.

and its 17th July bro.

Wedge191567d ago

Should have some interesting stuff!

KwietStorm1567d ago

Still crossing my fingers that the beta shows something exciting or at least shows the game's worth. That alpha was beyond disappointing.

Agheil1566d ago

Beyond disappointing ? Really?

KwietStorm1566d ago

Yes really. It was just dull. The game has always *sounded* amazing, but the gameplay wasn't there. Everything just feels so straightforward, and it's just like Borderlands. I know there will be much more to explore and find, and there is an overload of customizations, but if the gameplay I played is all that it is, then I don't know if I want the game. Oh and the AI is quite bad. What about it was worthwhile for you?

Sevir1566d ago

I rather enjoyed it. Especially when I played with people who communicated. The scale is huge and 80% of the map is explorable. I don't know how many open world shooters are this big and expansive, with people dropping in and out of the same world as you.

The strike and challenge of finding rare powerful creatures was thrilling. The Alpha sold me on the experience... And I was definitely on the weary side.

Lawboy21566d ago

I agree...but u probably shouldn't voice ur opinion on here....ppl don't like that