Hindsight Review #3 – Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars : 3DSBlessed

Cyburn writes : "One of the launch games for the Nintendo 3DS, Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars from UbiSoft is a turn based strategy title with a similar feel to Advance Wars and Fire Emblem but easier to get into.

The story feels like a cliché of a Cold War plot brought into the modern era with the enemies being ultra-nationalist Russians who want to conquer East Europe and return it to a Soviet Union. Our heroes plus a Kazakh agent sidekick seem like a generic multi-racial team of GI Joe rip-offs, though the story while thin does keep a quick pace.

In terms of gameplay and setting: Shadow Wars is presented in a overhead, third person perspective and you move your units around like chess pieces or figurines – each having their own special abilities".

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