What's Wrong with PlayStation Plus?

Sony's changes to the popular service have been questioned and antagonized, the crew of Beyond speculates on why.

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randomass1711619d ago

Is there something wrong? o.o I hadn't noticed there was, not on my PS3 anyway.

Majin-vegeta1619d ago

Basically people are b*tching about the games being given on PS4. Lol were people expecting AAA games right off the back??We probably wont see our first AAA game for PS+ until towards the end of the year.

Tl;DR:Entitled brats are crying.

randomass1711619d ago

PS4's library is a lot younger. You couldn't expect those large scale games to be free right off the bat. Also the games are free! Nothing to complain about in that regard.

Fizzgig1619d ago

Thanks for the TL:DR summary, those 3 lines were going to take too long to get through.

Darkstares1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

The show was about the randomness of free games on Plus and whether to hold out or not to wait for the game to be free.

This is one of the side effects of Plus, now consumers are wary to buy the games or not thinking they will come out for free eventually. I didn't hear anything about the games not being AAA on the Ps4.

Chris_GTR11619d ago

My complaint about PS+ is the game selection. For example 2 on ps4 and 2 on ps3 is nice but its lame when they give some crappy ass games like towerfal. Seriously a local coop game that looks like a iPad game that's sold for 1$ is really lame.

I'm not just here to bitch here's my solution if anyone remembers back when psn got hacked they decided to compensate us by giving us 5 free games and of those games we could only choose 2. This is such a badass idea I dunno why they don't do that now. Why not give us 4 free games a month per console and we choose the 2 we want. Its a win win.

Prime1571619d ago

Tower fall has been a ton of fun.

Didn't your teachers tell you not to judge a book by its cover? Don't judge an indie by its graphics, you might miss out on fun gameplay.

LOGICWINS1619d ago

^^ I downloaded Strider last night and was surprised by how much fun it was. Didn't download Towerfall as it didn't seem like my type of game. Might downloaded it to see if its for me.

Its not a graphics issue for me. It just seems like one of those games where u need three other friends playing locally to enjoy it.

poor_cus_of_games1619d ago

Absolutely right. Some people really are entitled brats.

HonestDragon1619d ago

Seriously? That's all that people are complaining about? How juvenile.

ocelot071619d ago

But I paid £35 for my 12 months PS+. Even though am also getting 2 Vita titles and 2 PS3 title I demand I get £30+ games every month for my PS+.

Its the same thing on XB1. People bitching about GWG. Some are crying because they don't want indie games they want AAA titles.

kreate1619d ago

I think ppl should complain anyway.
On ps4,x1, and wii-u.

Complain and complain and let ur complaints be known so maybe the companies will give in and give us somethimg free.

If that free product is not good enough, keep complaining. Maybe they will give u something better for free next time.

MeliMel1619d ago

@random, I dont know what people were expecting. I mean its not even been a y4. And honestly the games available are enough to hold true gamers over til the next batch of great titles.

Bubble for well said.

Irishguy951619d ago

Its been crappy the last few months but eh...last year makes up for any crappiness it may ever have

assdan1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Yeah, I don't know what people want. I'm not expecting AAA games on my ps4 for free until this fall. You can't just give away huge releases for free right off the bat. Indies are a great idea, and I've been very happy with what I've been getting.
Also, not to mention that I'm getting free crap for my ps3 and vita as well.

zpoc1619d ago

no, this is about the changes made to the service recently, as stated in the headline.

before, you had access to a large collection of games, available to download at all times. now, you have to grab the games the month they're made available - after that, they're swapped out for new games. doesn't bother me, personally, but some people don't like it, i guess.

Giul_Xainx1619d ago

That's right. Little kids want those free games now. Watch as the gaming industry turns into a service jnstead of physical media.

Syntax-Error1619d ago

PS4 version of PS+ is not that great

Flutterby1619d ago

I am loving my free ps4 games , I am really enjoying doki doki , strider and tower fall, I enjoyed stick it to the man I enjoyed octodad , I myself can't see any reason to complain , I myself would be happy if it only ever was indie games, but then again I'm not an entitled brat that thinks they deserve massive budget games for free.

My psn plus sub has already paid for itself and I only just re subbed.

Dirtnapstor1619d ago

Watch the videocast...the crux issue related to the title of this article is that people buy a game and then it is issued for free through Plus. Other than that, the videocast is simply about how good certain games are.

Typical N4G readers, nobody clicks and reads/listens.

SonyWarrior1618d ago

easy question.. Answer: nothing.

N4Flamers1618d ago

So many comments and only two of you actually watched the video. They're speaking about people holding off on buying games because they might be free on ps plus. It has nothing to do with wanting aaa blockbusters or being entitled.

Giul_Xainx1618d ago

The real reason behind people not buying the games and waiting is because the amount of time gamers are willing to patiently wait is just about 5 to 6 months for it to come out on plus. I think it should be a time limit before they release them for free on plus. Most of the indie titles get put on the ps plus free game lineup within 5 months of release.

It is not a bad thing, but it needs to find a better balance for indie titles. I bought ibb and obb when it launched. But then just two months later it comes out for free.

Why did I even buy it? I wanted something new. So now I hold off on buying a lot of titles for this reason. But sooner or later we will be paying for a service just to play games at a monthly cost.

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admiralvic1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

"Is there something wrong?"

No matter what you do, you're bound to have people that feel differently. Like some people really enjoyed the evergreen system and loved the idea of the IGC, where as other people love getting all the games on day 1 without having to think about it.

With that being said, I certainly have my complaints with PlayStation Plus, but at the same time most of them are unique to me and in the end I only need to save $35 dollars to break even, which is incredibly easy given Plus offers approximately 72 titles a year.

In the end, I think both sides really need to look at these things rationally. Like just because I say something negative about the program doesn't mean I hate it / Sony and plan on trading my PS4 for an Xbox One and just because the program works in your favor doesn't mean someone has an invalid complaint either. I know this has very little to do with your post, but I still feel it needs to be said.

@ Majin-Vegeta

"Basically people are b*tching about the games being given on PS4. Lol were people expecting AAA games right off the back??"

There are more complaints and many of them are more valid that that. Some of those include too many fighting games (Plus should cater to everyone, but it's hard to argue that the fighting genre is under represented), the past couple of months have been weak when compared to previous months, people preferring the old IGC style and various single user complaints.

In the end, this IS a paid service and the free games (save the PS4) are a big part of the service for most people, so I don't think its fair to say they're "entitled brats." However, I do agree the people who're demanding retail games are out of line, since we're lucky to get PS4 games and just because something is released physically doesn't mean it's great or that digital games are automatically awful and vice versa.

URNightmare1619d ago

They ARE very annoying entitled brats! Maybe they don't know how it is that the PS+ deals with developers/publishers work or something but it is very annoying to see these ppl complain all the time about the free games being offered on PS4.

ramiuk11619d ago

i paid £24 for a years psn.
since start i have had all the games given on ps4 and also on ps3 so already have moneies worth.

but on ps4 i got strider,reshogun,dont starve which i was wanting to buy anyway so i have them now included in my sub.
which has almost paid for itsself on ps4 alone.

what do people expect SS and AC4 lol.
xmas i expect some full games,until then i happy with indies

Mega241619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

There's a difference of complaining and being an entitled prick, this service, which is now needed to play online for ps4, is offering free games across 3 different platforms, they are basically giving away 7 titles each month, but entitled pricks only see the indies offered on the PS4. They expect "AAA"'s to be offered when the console is still new.

I bought 1 year of PS+ at the ps4 launch for $30, the amount of value I've gotten from that $30 is amazing. I'm very happy with my Vita and PS4, and sad that I sold my ps3. I never knew ps+ had this much value, would have gotten ps+ earlier.

Legacy2121619d ago

First world problems: complaining about free stuff

randomass1711619d ago

lol The joys of being a gamer on the internet and what you get to witness. :P

dumahim1619d ago

Try watching the video.

Someone posed the question about deciding not to buy an indie game right at launch because it might come on PS+ soon and how that might be hurting sales since some people are starting to feel burned by buying a game for $15 only to have it added to Plus a month or two later for free.

pompous1619d ago

I think it's silly that people feel burned when they buy something to only see LATER on that it is cheaper or free. That sounds like spoiled to me. Are these same people going to feel burned when the go purchase a car to then later feel burned when the car goes on sale a few months later to clear stock for the newer models? That's the same fucking thing and if they don't feel that way then or with other products then this hypocrisy is vexing. But as you see on the internet, gamers are very childish and feel entitled. This generation of gamers never heard the word no or have been giving everything by their parents just so they'd shut up as the parents don't want to deal with it has created a bigger problem beyond gaming, but in gaming we get a taste of this problem.

fr0sty1619d ago

What wrong with this author's English skills?

Deadlead1619d ago

Agreed nothing is wrong with plus, expect to see major title become available once the ps4 library expands. In regards to the issue in the video, it's tough to balance. Obviously you don't wanna buy something that will be free soon, but if you list the dates that games become free you might jeopardize sales. Maybe keeping a list documenting upcoming titles just a month or two in advance, this might also lead to additional ps plus sign ups as said in the vid.

kamakaz3md1619d ago

nothing is wrong, people are just retards... whats wrong with xbox live?

Eejanaika1618d ago

I dont see anything wrong with it.
even if their is
theirs always the choice of being optional
when it comes to purchasing it.

wastedcells1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Omg people complain about everything. Even free stuff. Between plus and now hitting beta I am never buying a $65-$70 dollar game again. Unless it's a major must play it day one game.

showtimefolks1618d ago

its an awesome service just that next gen consoles don't have their full lineups so we can not expect huge AAA games to be free

for a service you can use on Vit,ps3 and ps4 for one price isn't a bad deal IMO

raymantalk11618d ago

what is wrong is that it is not on Xbox1 :)

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1619d ago

More like wth has happened to gaming journalism

DigitalRaptor1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

You'd think that such a massive outlet like IGN would have more integrity and common sense than to cause stupid discussions like this rather than let the people figure it out for themselves.

IGN is notorious for these stupid rhetorical questions leading into discussions that tell us everything we already knew.

The PS4's library is still young. Why do so-called "professionals" need to act like there is something wrong with that? Stupid, lazy, inflammatory titles to redundant articles need to disappear.

KinjoTakemura1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

This new generation of gamers are a bunch of whiny bastards. How can any one complain about games being offered for free? How can someone complaining about something being offered as a perk? How can you even justify complaining about something you don't have any right to have in the first place? Come on!!!

GundalfDeGrej1619d ago

The thing is that some people don't consider things you pay a monthly fee for as being free. You can argue that it's a very good deal or whatever but that's highly individual.

I personally don't really play a lot of the ps+ games offered. Not because the games are bad or anything. I just don't have the time. That means when I pay for ps+ I do it to play online which is something that I think should be free in the first place.

If I could pay less by not being given "free" games every month then I would. But I can't. That's a problem with ps+ right there.

InTheZoneAC1618d ago

you do know ps+ was first around for ps3 right...and the online play is free on that...

GundalfDeGrej1618d ago

I'm talking about the PS4 but yes, the best way of doing this would be to make it just like it was before. People who want the "free" games and could just pay for the damn thing and people like me who just want to play their games could be left alone.

Darkstares1619d ago

The answer is easy, Plus isn't a free service so in theory those games and perks are not free. The only thing I can complain about are the selection of games they offer. They are mostly either older titles or games we wouldn't really buy. Sometimes you get those that don't fit that category like Resogun. Even then I still think Plus offers great value.

LOGICWINS1619d ago

I think its a fantastic value. I paid $40 for Plus so I already got my moneys worth with Resogun, Outlast, and Strider...not to mention the ten or so games I have to play for when I get my Vita later this year.

Hopefully Sony brings back the OLED screen in a revision of some sort because I prefer that one over the LCD screen after seeing both up close.

RIP_Cell1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

^^^ great that you see the value in these games, some don't, the point is that whether you see the value in these games or not it costs you the same $50 a year. for those that buy games new or rather play these games on other platforms PS+ is worth a lot less

MasterCornholio1619d ago

What do you expect this early in the generation?

A ton of free AAA games?

badboyz091619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

IGN set this up. They know dang well know one writes them.

Salooh1619d ago

People need to play the new ps+ game . Not strider, the other one. Forgot it's name XD. But it's fun as hell !!!! I didn't have that much fun even in GTA ! Funny , challenging and fun.