Why Gamers Don’t Believe That EA’s Paid Demos Were A Mistake

One Angry Gamer "There’s been a lot of debate over whether or not EA’s premium demos were part of a calculated test-run for a more nefarious future for vertical slices released to the public, or if it was just a gosh-darn honest mistake. Well, there’s some pretty good reasons why a large majority of core gamers saw the news and reacted the way they did."

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weekev151570d ago

Because its EA so y'know they're greedy, moneygrabbing shills who don't give 2 craps about screwing over gamers to make an extra few quid?

Maybe folks should start voting with their wallets?

Watch this space "pay $4.99 to beta test Battlefield Hardline"

NextLevel1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

It wasn't an error. It happened on multiple stores and the price was converted for each region.

They don't call it the Xbone for nothing.

Pogmathoin1570d ago

The next level of pathetic.

Godmars2901570d ago

Yeah. For a "mistake" looks like some perpetration and editing took place.

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MasterCornholio1570d ago

My opinion.

EA was going to do this on all platforms however for some reason it showed up on the Xbox first.

I don't believe they would have done this on one system and not the others.

pompombrum1570d ago

Yeah I find it hard to believe that it's an error. I mean I'd understand if it effected multiple games but only EA games? Anyone else maybe but EA would sell their game in pieces if they thought they could get away with it just so they could milk us dry.

mikeslemonade1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

My question is why would you waste your time to play EA demos to begin with. I personally don't play many demos because the majority of them aren't worth my time. Especially EA demos.. the EA sports ones are so short.

I get a much better feel of the game by watch gameplay videos which are basically instant to my viewing. Instead of downloading, installing, loading, and deleting.

xboxftw1570d ago

Wow look at the comments of the ignorant. I had downloaded the UFC demo about a week back and played it and was never asked to pay anything. Most of the comments are from people who dont' have xb1 and are hater of this console.

AceBlazer131570d ago

@^ it didn't happen a week back idiot, of course you didn't have to pay.

alexkoepp1570d ago

At $5 it was clearly priced at that point. If it had been $59.99 I could see it being an honest mistake.

Prime1571569d ago

It's easy.. stop buying their games. I haven't bought an EA game since dead space 1. Online passes were the last straw for me and I've been boycotting since.

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Doge1570d ago

But I paid $0 to play the Battlefield Hardline beta.

weekev151570d ago

Yep and when/if it reopens itll cost $4.99, either that or there will be a demo one month before release.

r1sh121570d ago

the funny thing here is Demo = demonstration.
You dont go to test drive a car and pay, so why should it be different for games?

Its a good thing I dont by any EA games.

Tetsujin1569d ago

I'd blame MS before EA on this, not to troll or start a flame war but it is strange how PC and PSN can have free demos on the exact same games yet on Live there's pricing.

It could be a legit mistake, or it could be something like "buy the demo and receive a free X/Y item when game releases;" probably something in the ToS that no one reads. If that's the case they should provide a reason why there's a charge before fans show up with hatred.

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Godmars2901570d ago

Because its EA. And even though it didn't go through, the precedent was established by Capcom with the MML3 demo.

Why wouldn't some company such as EA try to do it again?

admiralvic1570d ago

"the precedent was established by Capcom with the MML3 demo. "

Maybe the idea was, but the precedent wasn't. For something to establish the precedent, it would have to have an outcome. Since MML3's demo never released, we don't know what would happen (I assume very few would have bought) and thus would not cause a precedent.

randomass1711570d ago

Gotta agree. The MML3 demo and its cancellation is a story from years and years ago. I'd be more convinced that that was the inspiration if EA had done it more closely to that time frame.

Kivespussi1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

As much as I hate EA I just can't see this as nothing more but a mistake. People just jump on the hate train just because it's EA

InMyOpinion1570d ago

It was a test to see our reaction. They are trying to get us used to the idea of paying for demos.

MasterCornholio1570d ago

Demos should be free dang it!!!!!!

Green_Ranger1570d ago

Naw, Kojima beat Ea to the punch with Ground Zero

zackacloud1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, and Activision these companies nobody can trust them, they lies as much as goverments.

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