Octo-core Intel chips incoming. Supports DDR4

Intel is launching their new chip in September and will be their first octo-core chipset launched by Intel. Will support DDR4.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

These consoles are really going to get dated quickly thanks to Intel & Nvidia, they are bringing out the big guns that will make 4K on PC very easily achievable in a year or two.

JBSleek1569d ago

They already came into this generation underpowered. This isn't 2005/2006 when the consoles were almost on par with the best PCs. The days consoles are cutting edge is over.

The_Hero1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

1000$ for One part of the PC.
3000$ for NVIDIA 12Gb GDDR5 for the GPU.

I guess if you want to be an early adopter.

JBSleek1568d ago

"1000$ for One part of the PC.
3000$ for NVIDIA 12Gb GDDR5 for the GPU."

I guess if you want to be an early adopter.

I don't need this CPU. I use a i7-4930K which will give me at least four years minimum.

Also GPU wise I use a GTX 770 which is not expensive but want to upgrade to a GTX 880 when one is launched with 16 GB GDDR5 ram.

I guess you can say I'm an early adopter but I want to game at 4K soon so it will be needed. I have the money so why not.

But PC gaming isn't expensive as people seem to make it out and the money I save on software is easy compared to consoles. Also the fact that games don't transfer over between generations is crazy. PC gaming is about a higher upfront cost but a better overall saving.

Allsystemgamer1568d ago


That $3000 gpu is for 3d modelling and game development not playing games.

ShinMaster1568d ago

Doesn't matter. Developers are still going to make all multiplatform games look and play the same, regardless of resolution or framerate.

Dee_911568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

the current gen consoles components are obsolete and under powered compared to the latest and more power components because the current gen consoles use components that were new and powerful for the buck during its development.But considering a new and more powerful component comes out just about every other month, it would be impossible for an console to keep updated components. We know this.
Must we have the same arguments/conversation every single time..

I find it funny a lot of pc enthusiast state that the consoles are outdated when ever new component gets released, then someone talks about how often a pc elitist has to update his/her PC to keep up, but they claim to still be using the same components from years ago because they don't need to update... So these new components not only make consoles obsolete, but they make your beautiful pc obsolete to..but I guess.. " not as obsolete as the consoles" haha..Or if not, I guess these new components aren't that much powerful than the components you currently have ?

Somebody1568d ago


It matters for the future. These new hardware will be expensive and not many games will be optimized for them early on but give it time and you'll see future versions of them in the PS5 and XBOne2. Hell, I won't be surprised a whole room of these Octo-core cpus will be powering the XB1's cloud servers.

Say what you want about PC gaming but the fans are pretty much made the future possible. All those praises that everyone showered Sony with for the PS4(faster and easier game development, near painless ports and actually getting some profits from each PS4 built this early on compared to the PS3 that still bleed production cost years into it's existence) wouldn't exist without some PC gamers picking up one or two of these hardware.

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sinjonezp1568d ago

People always say that PC gaming is expensive, but when you look at the cost of software over time, steams sales, price of PC gaming on every front, I believe, in time it may offset. You could build a rig that runs 1080p 60fps on a machine that would cost about 650. I have a i53570k with two gtx560ti's, which is considered an older system and almost every game up till this date I can play 1080p 60fps with everything turned on. I built my rig three years ago, and I still get great value out of it and at the time it cost me about 900 to build. Coupled with the fact that just about every PC game since the early 2000's will work, I have the ability to tap into a very extensive library. I own a ps4 an Xbox1 and every system has its positives, but PC, offers great long term value in my opinion and if the lowest octo core isn't out of this world expensive, I too will be picking on up.

FlyingFoxy1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Not likely, today you need good medium or close to high end cards or at least a 770-780, AMD r9 280x or 290 for 1080p or 1440p max.

No way we will get 4k playable on an affordable single card in 1-2 years, your'e lucky to get 30fps average and it dips even lower today.. awful performance. Only way you'd get decent frame rates is probably setting a newer game to low graphical settings.. defeating the purpose really.

1440p and 144hz will be the new standard with gsync/freesync, it's the logical step up from 1080p and your games won't run like shit. I'll be sticking with 1080p and 120hz for a while yet at least until 1440p 144hz becomes a lot cheaper.. and by then graphics cards capable of handling it better should be along.

Nvidia will probably try to milk buyers again with overpriced crap like a new Titan, getting fed up with that tbh.. but at least they bring almost reasonable prices with 780 etc.. And even though AMD are not doing well in the CPU space, i'm glad they can compete with Nvidia's high end cards because they are great value for money, so i look forward to the r9 390 or whatever they release next.

The worst thing about 4k screens is even if you want to switch to a less demanding 1080p resolution, it will look like ass because it's going below native screen res.. too many downsides to 4k for me.

Dasteru1568d ago

My nearly 5 year old GTX 470 still plays 98% of games at 1080p/45-50fps on high/ultra settings and the $150 GTX 750ti completely blows it out of the water. You in no way need a high end card just for 1080p.

bumnut1567d ago

^^^ You do if you want 120 fps and max settings.

Magicite1567d ago

Im mostly PC gamer, but even I know that all multiplats sell better on consoles.

sinjonezp1567d ago

Ok, even if they do, we are talking about value. The amount of games you can get on PC compared to maybe 3 or 4 games on console is a lot. Plus PC can do multiple task. I can play games while stream movies to my tv. Or snap to other things. PC is just a better value over consoles. When it come to community and direct access and parity, I'll give you that, but I would tell any of my friends invest in a mid range PC.

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imt5581569d ago

Question is - wheh games will start to use so many cores? Barely some games on PC use 4 cores today.

JBSleek1568d ago

You have to push technology forward before you talk about using more than four cores. Also this type of beast isn't just for gaming.

mkis0071568d ago

I think console gaming has helped push pc gaming forward in that regard. Look at Mantle/DX12, tons of new features that will help pc gaming move faster.

It is part of the reason why I am holding off on a new pc build. Waiting for the consoles to have an effect like they seem to be doing now.

JBSleek1568d ago


Mantle/DX12 isn't really for consoles. They are specifically for PC to get more out of the CPUs and GPUs. Consoles don't really push PC they kinda hinder it as you see with developers making console and PC games similar which is silly.

Consoles use tablet CPUs and low range GPUs. They aren't pushing anything. That being said I have all three consoles due to the great exclusive games on all three.

Here's the thing consoles are weak but it's about the great games you can only find on them. That's why I laugh when they bicker about resolution and frame rate because if they truly cared you would also get a PC.

andrewer1568d ago

@mkis007 these technologies didn't come from consoles, they were simply well-optimized for the consoles. Specially Mantle - AMD did a great job pushing the PS4. But of course, the PS4 is yet far from PCs...

mkis0071568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

No that is what I am saying. The consoles programing close to the metal prompted the mantle/dx 12 for pc coding closer to the metal. I think there is going to be a revolution in cpu/gpu power for pc's when dx 12 comes out.

I disagree though with you about the cpu's. I think console programing will help devs get a ton of power out of the high power pc cpu's . It can help make devs, who make pc games, more efficient.

Do you think that Nvidia would push so hard forward if it were not for AMD having a monopoly on all the consoles?

As someone who enjoys both consoles and pc, I have to say I am surprised more people do not see the benefit for pc gameing that consoles can bring. Most only see the holding back.

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ravensly1568d ago

ok so how many cores does consoles have? this generation games uses more than 8 cores

TardcoreGamer1568d ago

Consoles have 8 cores. Only six of which (in the case of ps4) are dedicated for the games themselves and 4.5 gb of the 8 gigs of gddr5 memory are reserved for devs to use for games.

darkslayer2081568d ago

you do realize that CPU in current gen consoles are 8 core low powered APU and it can never par with a 4 core i7 you do realize that don't you..
and 8 core i7 will have 16 threads and each threads are way more powerful than a single core in current gen consoles ....
so please stop comparing the sun with the moon..

ravensly1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

i said games indeed use 8 cores in pc

ninjahunter1567d ago

Thats a good point. I did the research on this recently, There are very few games that a decent i3 cannot accomplish 60fps on, the only two i found being Hitman and Battlefield 4.

Nvidia has been talking about future Dedicated hardware being much more integrated with other system hardware, so we may see something there.

kingduqc1567d ago

soon... consoles all have 8 cores (really slow speed too)

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Dying_Jester1568d ago

Well, I'm in the process of building my first PC, so I might as well make it a $2500 PC rather then a $1500 PC. To me that just means I have an extra couple of years before I need to upgrade it.

JBSleek1568d ago

Thought I would make you a good build to see if you like it if you are going for around $2000

Dying_Jester1568d ago

Thanks for the list. I'll definitely switch out a few things on my original list with what's there.
I was planning on going with a 250 gb ssd and a 4 TB hard drive.
Just keeping the essential or most used programs on the SSD. Beyond the browser and OS I don't see myself keeping to much on it, any reason for a full 500 GB?

mkis0071568d ago

See I could never build a pc just before new stuff comes out. Discounts on the old stuff are missed.

PCpower1568d ago

I just wanted to say that programmers already get the most out of PC cpu's. X86 has been in use since the 1970's and it is taught at university computer programming classes. There is no more efficiency to be had for other types of software, only gaming will see the benefit because of the overhead from DirectX.

All API's do is allow programmers to take the lazy way out. If they bothered to use Intel's compiler or AMD's compiler then they would easily max out x86 CPU's for gaming, but they will not bother with that when they can simply write the same code that Directx then translates into data that all GPU's and CPU's can understand which in turn burns up more CPU cycles.

Benchmark software, scientific software, video editing software and simulation software all use X86 CPU's to their fullest abilities as they are programmed to use the SSE instructions or whatever latest instructions there are. In fact, when a new processor comes out with new instructions, these software companies release a patch that will update the software to take full advantage of the new instructions of the new x86 CPU's.

annus1568d ago


That is absolutely not true. You seriously think those applications are written in pure X86? A majority of all 'powerful' software runs purely on OpenGL (with GLUT or similar) or DirectX that is written in C/C++ and then compiled (into X86, exactly as games are). Since when have benchmarks or video editing software ever had downloads for every single CPU/GPU?

JBSleek1568d ago

I put some games on the SSD and I also do photography as a hobby so I use CS6. For you it may not be necessary.

Grilla1568d ago

Go with a 500GB if you plan on putting a lot of games on it. You'll be able to put fit quite a few on a 250gb. Games load a little bit faster on a ssd.

Go with a 250gb if your on a budget or put the xtra $ into a better graphics card.

You're better off buying one good graphics card vs 2 lesser cards in sli or crossfire. It might look cool in the case but you'll run into more issues running 2 or more cards. You'll also have more options going with one card. Down the road, if you need more power, you can add a 2nd.

Is 2gb of vram enough these days?

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ninjahunter1567d ago

Haha, sheesh, an i3 will max out any game on the market, i wonder what people will do with an 8'core i7. I hear 240fps is the new trend.

ps360s1567d ago

I do wonder why people(mostly PC owners) bring up consoles into a PC post

consoles has its pros/cons same with PC

Truth is Consoles are outdated by future PC components but do the real gamers/consumers care, only the hardcore PC gamers seem to care so much about how PC beats consoles in fps/graphics/resolution departments

I have both console and PC for gaming

I never mention these departments due to the fact it does sound silly to be comparing consoles to PC's, I just play my games and enjoy them on any decided platform

anyway back to topic, can't believe how technology is advancing so quick!