First Day sales in Japan: Dragonball Z 68k, Ninja Gaiden II 20k

First Day sales in Japan from June 5:

PS3 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - 60.000
WII Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren 3: Karakuri Yashiki no Nemuri Hime - 40.000 (40% sell through)
360 Ninja Gaiden II - 20.000
NDS DS Yamamura Misa Suspense - 17.000
360 Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit - 8.000
PS2 Oookuki - Uncountable

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Ashta5862d ago

Pretty good numbers on Dragonball Z: Burst Limit for PS3.

Snukadaman5862d ago

this is living...in bizzaro world.

Bathyj5862d ago

Oh go shove it up yourself you idiot troll. Just because they're 2Million PS3's doesn't mean they all like DBZ. Its still higher than the XB attach rate. I thought you guys bought lots of games, seems all you do is complain about PS3.

What really funny is NG2. 20K is pretty impressive....., until you realize if Itchitokely whatever he name is was such a fanboy like you and put it on PS3 it probably would have sold a couple hundred thousand by now. Thats why Temco are lucky to be rid of him, they release their games for whoever they want and dont have to be a fanboy company anymore for the sake of one freak.

Snukadaman5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

what you fail to mention is ng2 is basically a western type game where it never did great numbers in japan. it had 49K on the week of release


the first one was on the xbox that the Japaneses stayed away from in droves. lets wait for north american numbers before we call it a flop you think>??
and a idiot troll spouts off nonsense without knowing what the hell they are talking about..you not even knowing itagaki's name confirms that huh?

Bathyj5862d ago

First up, I know his name, I just dont care. I thought the name I used was obviously a joke name or dont you know what a tockley is?

And NG is basically a western game huh, yes with ninja's and sorcery and serpent dragon chicks. Sound very western. Just because Japan doesnt buy it, doesnt make it a western game. So thanks for proving my point. The reason the games have tanked so much in Japan is because Itagaki's (did I spell that right) is a giant Xbox fanboy douche. Like you. I'm sure Japan would love the game if it was on a console they trusted. Then again Sigma didnt sell so well there either, so maybe they just hate him.

We dont have to wait for NA numbers, I never called the game a flop. I'm sure it will do well in the States and maybe even in Europe.

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Vojkan5862d ago

I told you years ago that NG is not AAA. And many baboons compared that generic crap with God of War.

muddygamesite5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

Honesty, with this gen i have decided to side with the ps3 because apart from games, the system brings about so many other benefits that are not possible on other consoles.

Last Gen, although i owned all the consoles at one point, I must say the reason the Xbox was the last to leave my house was because of Ninja Gaiden. The Original Ninja Gaiden on Xbox was an AAA title. It is the Sole reason i bought an Xbox. The game is a product of intense hardwork from team ninja. The only downside of the game was the Rather predictable story. But theres no Doubt the game was AAA. I finished the game 14 times and i am presently playing through NGS on the PS3.

However, NG2 on the Xbox360 dissapointed me for many reasons. The Buzz around the game wasnt as huge as the first on the Xbox, and it looks like a tweaked version of NGS. Why this is dissapointing is because at the time Ninja Gaiden was one of the best looking games around. I thought with the Arrival of this generation, the Graphics, gameplay and alot of things would have carried a very next gen logo, but sadly it didnt. Not to mention the fact that its already out! (i was hoping for a longer gestation period).

It hurts me really bad to see NG2 go the way it is because Itagaki just left the company which is a bad sign, and it raises two very important questions:

1) Did NG2 turn out the way it did because Itagaki had been having problems with tecmo management during its development, so the motivation and effort to produce a title that would once again raise the bar was absent?

2) Or did NG2 turn out the way it did due to a lot of corporate injection and influence on the game, making it more commercial than it was supposed to be? (i mean comon all you need to do is look at the Box art for NG2 to understand how Tacky and Commercial it is trying to be).

Thank You

El_Colombiano5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

This just shows how much the Japanese detest the Xbox 360. Look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma's first week sales. 44,531 units. Now I know this is but Ninja Gaiden II's first day....but come on, who here thinks it'll sell twice as much in the coming week? Anybody?

Oh, and those are some pretty decent Dragon Ball Z PS3 sales...haha am I the only one that thinks the "Uncountable" numbers for the PS2 game is hilarious? The sales must have been in either of two extremities, outrageous sales, or horrible. Haha.

clintos595862d ago

Remember blue dragon did very good for the 360 in japan.

TruthbeTold5862d ago

44k should be around a 1/1 attach rate right in Japan? :p

beoulve5862d ago

I'm sure Itagaki is very proud of his XBOX 360 8k sales for the first day. So much for the the trash talker, the sales never delivered.

PoSTedUP5862d ago (Edited 5862d ago )

20,000 NG2?..............i didnt think there are more than three hundred and sixty xboxes in japan : o