Fallout 4 Will Skip QuakeCon 2014

QuakeCon 2014 will be a celebration of games from id Software and parent Bethesda. However, the newly released schedule from the convention confirms that Fallout 4 won't be one of those games.

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-Foxtrot1566d ago

I don't think we'll get Fallout 4 untill the VGA's this what they did with Skyrim. Then they can release it November 2015

Ausbo1565d ago

Boy, i hope your right. I need that game. If bethesda wants lots of money, they better reveal that game already.

Blacktric1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Jesus, I just can't wait anymore.

uncharted561565d ago

and even then it will be cgi cinematic trailer. I just wanna see gameplay.

ATi_Elite1565d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo]

(using Darth Vader voice)

Oh well I really don't want Fallout 4 until like fall 2015. way too much to play until then and I want Fallout 4 to be a solid game and not full of bugs.

TW3, DA:I, ArchAge, Wildstar, LOTR:Shadow of Mordor,Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Zelda WiiU come on who has time for Fallout 4 right now.

So many awesome Rpg's are coming very soon!

P.S. only thing I wanna see at QuakeCon is a KICK arse real-time rendered gameplay trailer of Doom 4.

anything else is just a bonus.

vudu1564d ago

Let me help you with that Darth NOOOOOOO...


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Pogmathoin1565d ago

Well, GTA4 had an April release? I'd settle for that with Fallout 4, with an open world bigger than 3 and NV combined.....

uncharted561565d ago

IDK if I want a bigger world. World in skyrim was pretty big and just made me lose interest. I would rather have a fallout 3 sized or even smaller world but with better graphics and details and unique locations. Skyrim imo was a hit and miss. World felt big but empty at times and in between. Still cant wait for a faloout reveal. But as usual when they do reveal it, it will sadly be just a stupid cgi cinematic trailer.

xer01565d ago

Sadly, this QuakeCon will be lacking John Carmack :(

MWH1565d ago

I hear you,, nothing last forever.

DevilishSix1564d ago

Nothing lasts forever including quakecon, people have been losing interest in this annual conference for years and now with no Carmack, I expect attendence to really start to drop.

xer01559d ago

How long until Quakecon?
I'm getting excited.